Why are my transactional emails not being sent out?

If you or your customers are not receiving transactional emails, please check the dashboard in your admin panel to see if it says the following:

"Email including transaction emails are not turned on."

This message may appear in either a blue or red box as seen below. 



This means that email notifications (transactional emails and system notifications) will not be sent from the system (i.e. order confirmations and account activation emails will not be sent to customers).

This setting is on by default until you have checked off the completed onboarding tasks in your checklist and then click "Go Live". 

This setting prevents your customers from getting spammed while you migrate your data, while still allowing you to test transactional emails (as long as the email is being sent to an email associated with a user account). 

When you are ready to turn emails on for all customers, please contact info@commerce7.com.

Note: System emails are NOT triggered however, if you are using a data migration specialist. Data migration specialists use the 'Data Role' which prevents emails from sending while data is migrated.