Commerce7 Live - 2021

At this year’s event, we announced the latest updates to Commerce7. You can access our replay here: 

Here’s what was unveiled:

Email Finder:

The Email Finder is a simple and effective way for wineries using Commerce7 to locate guests' emails in the tasting room so that they can focus on retargeting visitors and drive repeat purchases. 

The Email Finder is able to automatically search for a guest’s email once they make a purchase to capture information up front, eliminating the hassle of having to ask or search for it manually. 

Commerce7 has worked with its preferred payment gateway to retrieve the email address of the guest from a global database of emails based on the credit card being used. 

During the payment process, after a guest pays with an integrated Poynt EMV device, Commerce7 will show a suggested email address to the sales associate.  

Learn more about Email Finder.


Wineries now have access to the latest version of Campaigns directly within the platform.

Wineries can set up and launch their email marketing initiatives in order to better personalize their customers' experience, and send more meaningful and effective communications while giving them the proper tools to report and track their success. 


Wineries can segment their customers based on existing data and tags within Commerce7, and send more personalized communications to their customers.


Email customers the wines they want to see by including personalized product selection.

Upfront Pricing & Discounts

Commerce7 users can now utilize upfront pricing and discounts directly in segmented email campaigns so that each customer sees their correct pricing and discounts.

Email Templates

Wineries can choose from pre-built templates that automatically pull the brand’s logo, fonts, colors, contact information, and include additional editing functionality. 

Tracking & Reporting

Campaigns in Commerce7 will track: total sends, opens, clicks, revenue, spam, unsubscribes, and bounces. 

Learn more about Campaigns.

Leading Edge GraphQL APIs:

Commerce7 introduces a GraphQL API alongside its REST APIs for partners to use. 

GraphQL takes the speed and API performance to the next level, allowing 3rd party integrations to further define the data they want and streamline the response.  With fewer calls and less data, this new leading-edge technology contributes to faster integrations websites, and integrations which is a key factor in how wineries drive more ecommerce revenue. 

Along with the GraphQL API, Commerce7 has introduced a GraphQL playground for developers to inspect Commerce7 objects and test their queries.

GraphQL API is now available to all partners of Commerce7.


Available as a Commerce7 extension, wineries can turn on loyalty and start the process of creating their own personalized loyalty program that offers customers points in return for the dollars spent through any of their DTC channels. 

Tiered Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs built-in Commerce7 creates separate tiers based on the lifetime value of customers so that wineries can reward their customers based on who is spending more with their business. 

Within each loyalty tier, wineries have the ability to customize earn rate, redemption rate, and the percentage of an order that can be paid with earned points. Loyalty points are able to be viewed on each customer profile and can be redeemed online, in the tasting room, or even over the phone - taking the customer experience to the next level. 

More on Loyalty Programs.

Admin UI Library:

Commerce7’s new Admin UI Library will allow developers to easily bring the styles from the admin panel into their own apps, which will speed up the overall development time.

Developers have access to Commerce7’s searchUI, filteringUI, grid UI, and overall UI components in the UI library, making it easier for developers to build custom tools for wineries.


For the first time ever, Commerce7 released a product roadmap detailing what’s next for the year ahead. 

  • Admin Panel
    • Continuous upgrades to the admin panel such as a new design, bulk editing, inline editing, and making it faster to use.
  • Dark Mode
    • As Commerce7 switches to new UI components, dark mode will become available. 
  • Reservations
    • Reservations in 2021 will get a lot of features to make it easier to take reservations, handle payments, and more overall improvements.
  • More Club Tools
    • Continue to focus on growing club tools. Options for Subscribe and Save, features in the admin around cross package, and more.
  • New Payment Options
    • Continue to push on payment options and opportunities in 2021. 
    • Give access to V2 REST API for partners and developers
    • New way to build apps on the front end, and deeply embed customer applications
    • More great partner integrations