Migrating/setting up Commerce7 Payments (turnaround time for setup and delivery of hardware)

Commerce7 Payments setup time is variable and depends on a number of factors, so we recommend starting the process early in your onboarding.

Typically, the approval process for an account is about one week following the submission of an application to underwriting. We have seen this take longer in cases where a client is a new brand with no website, a current website is not compliant, underwriting is backlogged or if there is data migration involved. We would recommend allowing 2 weeks for the application process.

Here is a rough idea of the steps involved with setting up Commerce7 Payments (the timing will vary so be sure to allow enough time to onboard):

1. Complete the Commerce7 Payments Signup Form: You should hear back from someone on our team within 24 hours, but typically within the same day.

2. Assuming there is no follow-up questions or communication after signup, you will receive an application link. Again, this is typically same day but please allow 24 hours.

3. Complete your application. This will depend on the time you designate to completing and submitting the application.

4. Application review: Your application will be reviewed by our underwriting team. Some things that might add time to this step are if you did not supply all the requested information in your application, you are a new brand, your website is non-compliant or non-existent, or if underwriting is back-logged. Allow at least 2 weeks for this process.

Underwriting will be in touch with you along the way but questions about your application can be submitted to support@commerce7.zendesk.com.

5. Once your application is approved, we will add your Merchant Identifier to Commerce7 Settings and send you an email with next steps, including ordering terminals and migrating credit cards (if applicable). Please allow 24 hours, but this is typically same day.

6. If you ordered terminals, you can expect those to be delivered within 2-3 business days following account approval.

7. If you are migrating credit cards, the timeline can vary depending on the time it take your current gateway to export your credit cards. Typically, 2 weeks or so after account approval.

💡 If you are curious about the switch to Commerce7 payments, check out our documentation here, or reach out to our support team, support@commerce7.com