What do I have to do to go 'Live' with Commerce7?

Congratulations on completing your setup! 

There are a few things to consider before 'going live' or launching with Commerce7.

Ensure all tasks in the Onboarding Task List are complete: If you haven't completed all the tasks in the list, and/or checked all tasks that are not applicable, you are not ready to launch with Commerce7. The checklist is meant to ensure you have completed all the most important setup tasks required to have a smooth launch with Commerce7.

Ensure your website is complete: If your designer has given you the 'green light' that your website is built and has the Commerce7 widgets installed, you are ready to launch. You website designer will manage the process of making your website live. 

Note: We advise that you do not launch your POS before your website. Most of the transaction emails in Commerce7 include convenient links back to the customer's profile on the website. If your website isn't live, these links will break which isn't the best customer experience.

Ensure Emails are turned on: This is also a task on the Onboarding Task List, but you want to double check that your emails are turned on. If you have not asked support@commerce7.com to turn on your email, make sure this is done before launching.