Integrating the Epson TM-T88VI receipt printer

Instructions on how to setup the Epson TM-T88Vi receipt printer with a link to purchase online.

Commerce7 is integrated with the Epson TM-T88VI Receipt Printer. Using this integration, you can print receipts in the tasting room on the Epson receipt printer. 

Please only purchase the printer from the source linked below - there are many fake/knock off devices on Amazon, and we recommend purchasing the printer from the following site.

We do not recommend or support the WiFi connectivity as it is complicated to setup and maintain. Please order the model in the link above that includes the Ethernet connectivity.

You will require a cat5/cat6 ethernet cable to connect this to your network.

This documentation includes;

Printer setup in Commerce7

Epson printer setup

Using the printer 

Set up in Commerce7

To set up this integration, first navigate to Settings > POS Profiles and then select the POS Profile you want the printer added to. 

Commerce7-Settings (13)

Once you have select the POS Profile, scroll to the bottom of the selected POS profile to reach the receipt printers section. 

For each receipt printer you'd like to add to a POS profile, add a PrinterID and Title.

  • PrinterID - create your own 6-30 digit, alphanumeric ID. You cannot have spaces or use special characters in this ID (numbers and letters only).  
  • Title - give your receipt printer a title. Staff will select a printer by title when deciding which printer to send receipts to. Example titles could be "Printer1", "Counter Printer", etc. 

After entering all your receipt printers, click Save

Commerce7-POS-Profiles (3)


Setting up the Epson printer

To set up the actual receipt printer, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Install supplied sample paper roll into the printer
  2. Plug in the printer to a Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Jack on your local network, and plug in the power and turn the printer on.
  3. Wait 1 minute and the printer will startup and print the local IP address it obtained from your network.
  4. Type in the IP address into a web browser from a computer on the same network (Example:
  5.  Login with the following credentials:

Username = epson
Password = epson (if "epson" doesn't work, try the using the serial number on the side of the printer as the password).

6.  You will see the EpsonNet Config page as below, click EpsonNet Config for TM-i

You will see the EpsonNet Config for TM-i as follows:

Printer2 (1)

7. Click Server Direct Print

For example,

You can find your tenant ID from the admin panel and navigate to Settings > General 

Commerce7-Settings (14)


  • Interval = 30. (Do not set less than 30 seconds or service may be throttled).
  • ID = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel.
  • Name = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel. 
  • Server Authentication = Disabled 

8. Under Device Admin click Printer and the following page will be displayed. 

image-14 (1)

  • Device ID = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel.
  • IP Address = Enter the internal IP

9. Click Apply and restart

Using the printer

To use the receipt printer, in the POS make sure you are in the correct POS Profile. To change the POS profile select the menu icon

Commerce7 (96)
Next, select POS Profiles and use the drop down menu to select one of your POS Profiles. Then select Set POS Profile 
Commerce7 (97)

Next, create a POS cart. and after process the payment there will be an option to Print Receipt 

Commerce7 (98)

If you have multiple printers use the drop down menu to select the printer you'd like to have the receipt sent to, and click Print Receipt

Commerce7 (99)

The next time you print a receipt, the device will automatically populate the last printer you used.