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UPS Strike and How to Prepare

UPS is set to strike beginning August 1, 2023. This article will discuss measures you can take in preparation. 

In this Article:

Create Fedex Shipping Methods and Rates

Deactivate Your UPS Methods and Rates

While this article primarily focuses on FedEx, you have the flexibility to explore other carriers that best suit your needs. If you're uncertain about which carrier to choose, we recommend reaching out to your Fulfillment House (if applicable) to discuss their recommendations.

Create Fedex Shipping Methods and Rates

If you do not have Fedex rates already set up, it's time to do it. 

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping.
  2. Click into the Zone(s) that uses UPS. 
  3. Click Add Shipping Method

  4. Enter Fedex information, be sure to toggle to Active - scroll to next section.
    !!ShipCompliant Users!! Be sure you are entering the correct Carrier Code. See a list here.

  5. Scroll down and enter the Rates, choose to wrap the rates (or not). Click Save Shipping Method button.
    enter fedex rates and save

You're all set with your Fedex rates. Now it's time to deactivate your UPS rates.

Deactivate Your UPS Method(s)

You'll need to deactivate your UPS Method(s) so that they do not display anywhere.

  1. Click into the Zone that uses UPS.
  2. Click into the UPS Method.
  3. Mark the Active toggle to off - and click Save Shipping Method.