The Difference Between Available for Sale, Reserve, and Allocated Inventory.


Please note: All numbers in inventory segments refer to individual skus, not cases. 

On the Commerce7 platform, inventory is segmented into three categories: available for sale, reserve, and allocated.


Available for sale is exactly how it sounds, this is your inventory that is currently available for sale. 

When a customer makes a purchase, inventory moves from available for sale, to reserve. Inventory stays in reserve until the associated order has gone through compliance. 

You can also manually move inventory to the reserve category if you want to set it aside for an upcoming event or for other purposes. 

Once an order has gone through compliance, inventory associated with that order moves from the reserve segment to the allocated segment. 

If you are not using Shipcompliant, once an order has been created, inventory moves from the available for sale segment to the allocated segment. 

Inventory stays in allocated until the associated order has been fulfilled. 

Once an order has been fulfilled, inventory leaves the system.