tDynamo Payment Terminal Setup

Note that the tDynamo is currently out of Stock (as of July 1, 2022)

Follow these instructions to get your tDynamo device up and running. 

The tDynamo device is a new payment terminal compatible with Commerce7. This is a wireless device that offers a quick and seamless customer experience. 

Depending on which type of system you are using, download and configure the MagneFlex browser for either Windows or iOS:

tDynamo Setup

iPad or iPhone - IOS Installation

  • Bluetooth Only

Windows Installation

  • USB Only

Charging & Connecting with USB

POS Profile Setup

Windows, IOS, and Android

iOS tDynamo Connection to Commerce7 (Bluetooth)

Connecting the tDynamo via BlueTooth (IOS)
MagneFlex Browser for iOS Or Search for MagneFlex in the App Store.


You can pair a single tDynamo to multiple iPads/Android tablets following the steps below. If you have multiple tDynamo's do not pair multiple tDynamos to one tablet as it is not possible to select which one to use.



Here are the steps to connect this to the reader 

1. Open MagTek App, expand Admin and select Test Reader
2. Select tDynamo from the readers to test

3. Ensure bluetooth is enabled on your IOS device (settings -> bluetooth) and that the tDynamo device is in bluetooth pairing mode
  • To do this hold the right hand side button down for 3 seconds and you will see the bottom light change from green to flashing blue
  • Then select the tDynamo from the list
4. If bluetooth is enabled and the tDynamo is in bluetooth pairing mode you will be presented with the pairing request.
  • Enter six zeros 000000 and click Pair.
5. This will connect to the tDynamo and with-in 10-30 seconds you will be prompted to swipe a card to confirm the tDynamo is paired successfully. (This will not charge your card)
6. After swiping the card you will see the swipe data and your reader is now paired successfully. Select back until you are at the home screen below to follow the next steps to set the reader as your default reader for the App.
7. Under Admin select Set Reader(s)

8. Check the circle next to Wireless Device then select the arrow to the right of tDynamo
9. Select the arrow to the right of Search Device
10. Select the tDyanmo
11. Select Set as Default, then select Add Device
12. You will be taken back to this screen. Click back and follow the steps to add Commerce7 POS as the default APP. 
Adding Commerce7 POS as the default APP
1. On the MagneFlex APP home screen expand Web Applications and select Favorites.
2. Click the paperclip with the plus in the upper right corner to add site.
3. Type in POS for the name
  • Select Set as default website
  • Select Site Uses Javascript Request
  • Then on Enter URL and Credentials click the right arrow Browse to login page > 
4. Enter and click the right arrow on this line.
4. You will need to minimize the keyboard on your iPad or iPhone then click the arrow at the bottom right of the screen to go back to the add site page. 
5. Click save site information to save this favourite.
6. The favourite will be listed, then click the back arrow.
7. Under Web Applications select Launch Settings
8. Check Default Web App.
Now you can close the app and re-open it and it will open Commerce7 POS as the default APP.

Windows tDynamo Setup

Please note: Windows setup is USB only and is designed to be used as a stationary POS. Bluetooth does not work with Windows at this time. 


MagneFlex Browser for Windows Download

  1. Open the MagneFlex browser for Windows
  2. Visit


3. Click the bookmark icon in the upper right
4. Check set as default to make the Commerce7 POS login your default page.

image (1)-4

5. Next ensure you've added the tDynamo to your POS Profile see below. Then you can try placing an order through the Commerce7 POS running in the MagneFlex browser and send the payment to the tDynamo.

POS Profile Setup

If you already have a POS profile you do not need to create a new one, just use your existing profile. 

You only need one POS profile and one tDynamo entry no matter how many tDynamo devices you have.

First Time Setup Instructions:

  • Navigate to Settings > POS Profile
  • Scroll down to Chip & Pin Devices
  • Select add tDynamo device

This is for both Bluetooth and/or USB connections with the tDynamo devices.



Charging & Connecting Using USB

The tDynamo can connect to a USB host or charger either via its USB-C Connector or the docking stand. 

Connect the small end of the USB cable to tDynamo’s USB-C connector

Connect the large end of the USB cable to the host’s USB port.

Use the host software to connect to the device and to test swiping, inserting, and tapping a card.