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System Updates - 2022

Dec 5, 2022

Actionable Reports App: The Actionable Reports app by Ventura Consulting contains numerous actionable reports with one click export to Hubspot, Mailchimp, Klayvio. Learn more.

Email Links to Club Signups: In the Admin and POS, when you are creating a Club signup, you can now 'Get a Website Link for Club Signup' which will allow you to get a link to a Club signup and email it to a Customer to complete the signup.

Carrier Detection: If you are using ShipCompliant we have improved our carrier detection (specifically around FedEx) attempting to send tracking links to Customers (rather than sometimes labelling the courier as 'other').

Nov 21, 2022

Live Chat Support: Live Chat is now active for all Customers.

Nov 17, 2022

Club Subscriptions

Club Subscription Signup: If you use our Club Subscription on the V2 frontend, when a Customer signs up, they now choose their first Shipment as the first step in the signup process.

Live Chat Support: Live Chat Support is now on for 2/3s of our Customer base.

Wine Appellations: The new SLO Coast appellation is available as a wine appellation on Products.

Nov 14, 2022

Live Chat Support: One third of our client base now has access to live chat. Click the Support link on the bottom left of the Admin panel to see if you are one of the lucky ones. We will be rolling this out to everyone before the end of the month - so if it's not there quite yet, just be patient while we work to get this right and staff it well.

If you do see it, say hi to us, (and take it easy on us while we test this new functionality with you).

Oct 31, 2022

Tipping By Set Dollar Amounts: If you are using Commerce7 Payments, in the POS Profile area, you can now set the default tips to be set dollar amounts rather than percentages if you wish.

Sales by Club Report: The Sales by Club report used to only reflect sales that were in the Club Channel and specific to a given Club. The report has been revised so it will reflect all sales that are in a Club Channel. (Now that you can change the Channel of a Cart to a Club this makes more sense).

Reservation Queries: If you are querying Reservations (in the Marketing/Query area) we have added the ability to query on Reservation Status.

Lifetime Value Seed Amount: If you're a Partner that imports Orders and Customers for a winery, there is a new attribute on the Customer API called 'lifetimeValueSeedAmount' that will let you seed the Customers Lifetime Value (so that you don't have to import really old Orders).

Oct 24, 2022

Abandoned Carts & Signups Recovery App: The Abandoned Carts & Signups Recovery app by Ventura Consulting allows you to recover abandoned cards and Club Signups natively in Commerce7. Learn more.

Dev Center: The Dev Center has new extensions allowing you to access Club Signups (ideal for looking for abandoned Signups) as well as query Club Signups by createdAt and updateAt dates.

Oct 20, 2022

Invoices: For Admin Owners, there is a new 'Billing' area in the Admin panel to review invoices, and update your card on file.

Orders for Pickup: When creating an Order to be picked up in the Admin panel, the birthdate is no longer required.

Webhooks: There is a new Webhook for Inventory Locations (great for developers building Inventory integrations)

Club Memberships: On the V2 frontend, Club Members can now edit their Shipping Instructions and Gift Message if they have Shipping Instructions and/or Gift Messages on their Club Membership.

Oct 13, 2022

Modern Image Formats: On the V2 frontend, for any Product images uploaded in the last couple weeks, we are now serving those in modern image formats including using the <picture> tag and serving images in both webp and avif formats. What this means is we take your jpg and png Product images, convert them to multiple modern formats, and they then should load significantly faster for your users.

Oct 12, 2022

Queries and Tags: When creating a Query for Orders, Reservations, Club Memberships, or Club shipments, you can now tag the Customer that is returned in the Query. For example if you query all your Pickup Orders, you can now tag the Customers of those Pickup Prders. Or if you query all your Club shipments, you can now tag the Customers in those shipments. (This is great if you want to email everyone who belongs to a Query set result.)

Bulk Action Emails: When a bulk action email is sent, the email body will now say the tenant the bulk action was generated for. (Great for people working with multiple brands.)

Out of Stock / Low Stock Inventory: Our out of stock and low stock error messages will now include the Inventory Location in the message.

Oct 11, 2022

Editing Traditional Shipments: Similar to Subscription Shipments, in the V2 frontend, we've made it more interactive for Members when they edit the Products in their Traditional Shipments including the ability to remove Products before they add.

Subscription Shipments: When a Subscription Shipment is first built, it will not add any items from the new 'is available on web' where the item is set to not available.

Oct 6, 2022

Editing Subscription Shipments: On the V2 frontend, we've made it more interactive for Members when they edit the Products in their Subscription Shipments including the ability to remove Products before they add. If their selections don't meet the shipment requirements, they'll see a new display to let them know how many more Products they need to select before they can save.

Subscriptions and Traditional Club Packages: In the Admin panel when setting up Club Packages or Subscriptions Products, there is a new toggle for 'available on web' allowing you to have Products that are only available via the Admin panel (for example use this when you have limited inventory and want to control how many Club Members can request the product)

Sept 30, 2022

Channels: When creating an Order (either in the Admin panel or POS), you can now change the Channel of the Order. (In the Admin panel this is in the top right, and on the POS this is in the additional info.)

Sept 28, 2022

Club Shipments: When a Club Shipment errors (due to ship state, inventory issues, etc), the system now clearly shows an error as to why the Shipment errored.

QuickBooks Desktop App: The QuickBooks desktop app by WineGlass Marketing allows you to to integrate QuickBooks Desktop with Commerce7. Learn more by navigating to Apps & Extensions.

WinePulse Analytics App: The WinePulse Analytics app by WinePulse allows you to see instant visibility of your DTC performance and trends across Sales Channels. Learn more by navigating to Apps & Extensions.

Enolytics DTC Analytics App: The Enolytics DTC Analytics app by Enolytics is a layer of analytical software that sits on top of Commerce7 data. Learn more by navigating to Apps & Extensions.

Fort Systems App: The Fort Systems app by Fort Systems provides smart shipping solutions focused on alcohol. Learn more by navigating to Apps & Extensions.

Tags: You can now create a dynamic Tag based on Reservation Location

Webhooks: There is a new webhook for Promotion Sets for developers to be notified when a new Promotion Set has been created.

Sep 21, 2022

Emailing Links to Carts: In both the Admin and POS, when you are creating a cart, you can now 'Get a Website Link for Cart' which will allow you to get a link to a cart and email it to a customer to complete the cart.

Cart Carrots: Cart carrots now have start and end dates (making them easier to deactivate rather than just delete).

Security: Commerce7 will no longer let you use an insecure url for images, settings, or anywhere that a url may be entered.

Trash: Items deleted will be removed automatically from the Trash and permanently deleted after one year. The Trash area of the Admin panel now defaults to showing the last month of deleted items. The performance around the Trash area has been updated.

Dev Center: For Developers, we have now added 'App Data' to Carts (similar to Orders, Customers, and other objects that have App Data). App Data is like Meta Data but it can only be added/deleted by the App that created it.

Sep 16, 2022

App Center: The Apps & Extensions area has been completely redesigned. We are allowing searching, filtering, and all new displays (for apps that have been updated by 3rd party developers). We are allowing apps and integrations to have screenshots and significantly more detail around their apps.

Dev Center Version 2: Today we launched a new version of our Dev Center for Developers including:

  • All new ways for Developers and Integrators to market their apps

  • Improved security throughout the Center

  • Improved UI throughout the Center

  • Ability to edit listing information on apps without submitting a new version

  • Faster creation of new versions

Visit the new Dev Center here and all new documentation here.

Subscriptions Clubs: On the V2 Frontend, Customers can now select their frequency when signing up for a subscription Club.

V2 Frontend: Designers who use our curly braces syntax for custom Product pages can now access the Product slug.

Aug 30, 2022

Tags: Dynamic tags for Club Memberships now allow you to access the Club Member status as one of the Tag conditions.

Trash: Items newly deleted and put into the Trash will now show who deleted the item. (Previously this was only available on our edit history).

Dev Center: Developers building apps and integrations can now access Departments and Vendors through the api / security area.

V2 Frontend and Addresses/Credit Cards: Customers who change their address or credit card in the V2 Frontend will be prompted to update Club Memberships.

Aug 21, 2022

Queries: Club subscription shipment queries and Club member shipment queries (in the Marketing/Query area) can now search on SKU inside the club shipment.

Aug 18, 2022

V2 Frontend and Allocations: On Monday August 22nd, if you have an active allocation, on the V2 frontend, customers will be able to go to their profile and see their allocation, and purchase from the allocation page.We'd encourage wineries to use personalization blocks and/or collections to display allocations on their website (and we feel this is the best customer experience), but for wineries that want a traditional workflow they might have had in a system like WineDirect or VineSpring, this will be available.The new allocation page in the profile area will use your default collection template, but can then be styled by a designer similarly to all other product pages.

Aug 12, 2022

Club Shipments: We've updated the Club Shipment detail screen to allow for easier skipping, unskipping, and processing of a single Shipment.

V2 Frontend: In the profile area of the V2 Frontend, when a Customer updates their address or credit card, if they are a Club Member it makes it easy for them to apply these updates to existing Club Memberships.

Aug 5, 2022

Notifications: There are new notifications (under Settings / Notifications) that can be enabled for customers who delete credit cards, addresses, or delete themselves.

Aug 4, 2022

Reservations: Reservations on the V2 Frontend has a new calendar picker that is more accessible and ADA compliant.

Onboarding: If you are in onboarding mode, the Reset Password and Magic Link emails will send out. No other transaction emails will be sent until you go live.

Jul 29, 2022

Club Memberships: The club membership area defaults to only showing active members.

App Billing: To date we haven't been charging you for the apps you've installed. (Don't worry, we have been paying the developers for the last 1.5 years). Starting August 1st, you will be invoiced/charged for any apps that you have installed.

Jul 22, 2022

Taxes: In the US without a ShipCompliant or Avalara account? If you don't like our default US tax rates (the zipcode rates we receive from ShipCompliant) you can now change to using a local tax table where you setup taxes on a manual basis per state.

Jul 19, 2022

Orders: For 3rd party / external orders that are synced from another system (such as Tock or VineSpring), you can now search for these orders by their external order number. This also shows up on the order list page (previously it was just on the detail page).

Jul 18, 2022

Query Builder: You can now query for Customers with bounced emails in the Query Builder.

Enhancing Security: If you add a Commerce7 Staff Member to your tenant (for example to assist you with an issue or Support ticket), the Commerce7 Staff Member will automatically be removed after 5 days.

Enhancing Checkout Security: We've been slowly rolling out invisible recaptcha on our Cart. It is now live for anyone using Commerce7 widgets. If you use our Cart to create and charge Orders from an app that is through our direct API, please reach out to jason@commerce7.com or andrew@commerce7.com as this may affect you.

Jul 1, 2022

Colorado Retail Delivery Fee: Just a reminder that we have updated your site to handle the retail delivery fee in Colorado This is handled in the Settings / Taxes / Custom Taxes area. Learn more here.

June 29, 2022

Club Memberships: You can now easily transfer Club Members from one Club to the other. In Admin, when you edit a Club Membership, there is a new button to change the club that the member is in. This will do two things: it will cancel the existing club membership and it will create a new club membership will the same membership information. Learn more here.

June 28, 2022

  • Colorado Retail Delivery Fee: On July 1st, your site will automatically be set to charge the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee on applicable orders. If you are using ShipCompliant we need you to setup a SKU inside ShipCompliant (per their instructions). For everyone else, everything is setup automatically. Learn more here.
  • POS: We've enhanced the Coupon search, making it easier to find the Coupons you want to apply to the Order.

June 22, 2022

  • Promotion Sets: Promotion Sets received a significant UI update. We've made it easier to see what Coupons and Promotions are in Sets, and also to navigate between Promotion Sets, Coupons, and Promotions.
  • Queries: You can now use Club Package as a filter in Order Queries.
  • Time Clock Basic App: The Time Clock Basic app by Ventura Consulting is a simple time clock app for Commerce7 users to clock in and clock out. Admin users can edit timesheet records and export timesheets as CSV. Learn more.

June 14, 2022

  • Australia Post App: The Australia Post app by Treefrog Digital allows you export orders in the Australia Post eParcel CSV format. (Yes this replaces the previously available Australia Post app from Commerce7.) Learn more.
  • Webooks: There is a new webhook for Order Fulfillment (to be notified when orders have been fulfilled).

June 13, 2022

  • Queries / Cart Carrots: When entering a sku in queries (ie who bought this product previously) or entering a sku in cart carrots (ie display this carrot if this sku is in the cart), you can now search for a specific sku instead of just entering the sku text.
  • Searching In Admin Panel: We've updated the searching in many areas in the admin panel so that you can now search for any part of the phrase or title (similar to how customers, club memberships, orders, products work today) Areas we updated include clubs, including clubs, collections, departments, email templates, forms, inventory locations, meta data, notices, notifications, personalization blocks, product templates, promotion sets, queries, reservation types, shipping, tags and vendors.
  • Frontend V2: There is a new tag to handle customer login on Frontend V2 (ie if you want to secure off part of your website to just club members)

June 7, 2022

  • Club eSignature App: The Club eSignature app by Ventura Consulting allows you to capture new wine club members' electronic signatures in the Commerce7 POS. Learn more.

Jun 2, 2022

  • Receipts: You can now pre-print a receipt from a Cart or POS and include an optional tip line (for people who would like old style tips and signatures).
  • POS: On the POS, when creating an Order from a Reservation, you can now see the Reservation's location and table number.
  • Carts: If a Customer starts a Cart online and enters only their email address, it's now captured and visible under Store > Carts. Likewise, for Club signup, it can be viewed under Club > Signups.

May 30, 2022

  • Storefront: If you are using our storefront, you can now in the admin panel under settings/storefront add your own social sharing image.

May 26, 2022

  • Loyalty: The Commerce7 Loyalty tools are here! Add the Loyalty extension to reward customers for every dollar spent and encourage them to purchase more. Offer your loyalty tiers based on club level, lifetime value, or yearly spend. Learn more and also sign up for our Free Training Friday on loyalty.
  • More Loyalty: Loyalty tiers and points are available in the query tool, dynamic tags, coupons, promotions, customer exports, order exports, and basically throughout the entire system.

May 25, 2022

  • Query Builder: If you are building queries, you can in the customer area now access 'Last Year Value' and 'Current Year Value' (as in lifetime value but just for a year).
  • Tags: In dynamic customer tags you can access a customers 2022 Yearly Value, 2021 Yearly Value (as in lifetime value) and club memberships. (It's pretty easy to build a dynamic tag now on active club memberships, so that you can more easily use the campaign tools.)
  • Store Front: If you are using our storefront, you can now in the admin panel under settings/storefront add your own custom CSS.
  • Order API / ShipCompliant: The order API now shows whether a club shipment has been edited or not (with a new status of shipment build status) on the order API. Furthermore we are pushing to ShipCompliant not only the club name, club package name, but also if the shipment was edited for all traditional clubs.

May 17, 2022

  • Transaction Emails: You can now use customer meta data as replacement variables on transaction emails. For instance if you had a customer meta data of 'salutation', you could in your transaction email call {{meta.salutation}} and it would dynamically replace that.
  • Frontend V2: Designers using our Frontend V2 can now setup routes name if you don't like our default naming. This is done in the Frontend V2 area of our developer tools. Read our developer documentation for a bit more information.

May 11, 2022

  • Compliance: We are starting to work on a new 'Compliance' area in our settings. Right now you can configure the collection of shipping birthdates. In the near future you will see several more compliance related functions here.
  • Products: Products can now be filtered by product security (ie determine which products are secured to allocations, clubs, tags, etc)

May 10, 2022

  • Order Thermal Printer App: The Order Thermal Printer app by Treefrog Digital has been updated to be able to print directly from the POS to a local printer. Note you will need to install Version 3 of this app if you already use this app. Learn more.
  • Dev Center: Third party app developers can now show apps on the Commerce7 reservation menu in our reservation system.

May 9, 2022

  • Coupons / Promotions: You can now create coupons and promotions around the frequency of a club subscription member. For example give a higher promotion to members who have a more frequency club subscription.

May 3, 2022

  • Club Processing / Ship Now: If a customer clicks the 'Ship Now' button on the front end website, it will 'Ship Now' rather than respect any requested ship date on the club package/shipment.
  • Data Retention: We are now only storing carts for 365 days and webhook logs for 30 days. (Orders, customers, club memberships, etc all continue to be stored forever)

May 2, 2022

  • POS Profiles: You can now add a color to your POS Profile, so when your on the POS you see the color (to ensure your on the correct profile if you have multiple profiles)
  • POS Receipt Print: Third party app developers can now develop receipt format apps using our Dev Center to design a print receipt format.

Apr 29, 2022

  • Security: You will no longer be able to edit your username (email address) for your Commerce7 login. If you change your email, you will want to invite the new email and disable/remove the old email. (You will see a few more security changes coming shortly.)

Apr 27, 2022

  • Receipt Printing: We have some new printers and options for receipt printing - including fast local printing (not going through the cloud). Learn more.
  • Addresses: Entering addresses in the admin follows a similar process to entering addresses on the V2 frontend. Enter a zip code, and auto find a city and state. By default we are hiding company and address line 2.

Apr 26, 2022

  • Password Security: A reminder to ensure your C7 password is strong and can not be easily guessed.

Apr 21, 2022

  • Commerce7 Payments: If you checkout as a guest on the POS and use the Commerce7 Payments EMV device, we will pre-populate the firstname/lastname on the 'completed order' modal with the name from the card. (Now you just have to ask for their email address)
  • Products: When editing products, if the product type is 'Wine', 'General Merchandise', or 'Tasting', we allow you to change the product type. (It's not possible to change the product type for Bundles, Gift Cards, Event Tickets, and Reservations)

Apr 14, 2022

  • EMV Devices: We have a great new EMV device for Commerce7 Payments - the TDynamo. With a cool form factor (similar to Square). Read our documentation and see a picture. Order it by emailing payments@commerce7.com
  • Club Subscriptions: If a credit card declines on a club subscription it now shows in the customer notifications. (Similar to traditional club memberships)
  • Club Packages: Long time bug fix... if you update a product with a new image or title it will now update in the traditional club package. (This always worked in subscription clubs.)
  • Frontend V2 Birthdates: On the Frontend V2 - we've changed how birthdates are entered. Americans will get month, day, year, and the rest of the world will get day, month, year.

Apr 13, 2022

  • App Store: We've improved the App Store. Admin users can now filter and search for apps, and view all installed apps on the App Store.
    App developers can now deep link to their app.

Apr 12, 2022

  • Products: You can now filter products by departments.

Apr 8, 2022

  • Subscription Club Coupons: Coupons can now be added to subscription clubs.

Apr 6, 2022

  • App Store: We've added searching to the App Store and improved filtering between Apps and Commerce7 Extensions.

Apr 4, 2022

  • Club Package: You can now enter a requested ship date on a club package in club processing (Do the right thing for customers and don't abuse it.)
  • POS: V2 POS is live for everyone. We have sunsetted the V1 POS code. You can find articles with the new functionality throughout the POS documentation.
  • Reservations: You can now tender a reservation with cash in the admin panel (not sure how we missed this).

Apr 1, 2022

  • POS: On Monday April 4th (rather than today) the POS will automatically upgrade to V2 for everyone.
  • Allocations: Yesterday we allowed allocations to apply to all channels (rather than just web). We've changed that so allocations apply to POS, Web, and Inbound orders. Allocations will not apply on Club orders.

Mar 31, 2022

  • Allocations Updates: Big updates have been made to the allocation tools for easier granting of wishes individually or in bulk, the ability to charge granted wishes, view orders generated from the allocation, and more. Allocations now apply to all order channels with the ability for admins to override.

Mar 25, 2022

  • Commerce7 Payments: Gateway transactions have an updated search and can now be search by card holder name.

Mar 24, 2022

  • Commerce7 Payments: The gateway payout report now more clearly shows transaction fees from non-transaction fees.

Mar 21, 2022

  • Allocation : The V2 Frontend now shows allocation product tags (specifically the <c7-product-allocation> tag) and allows for allocation wishes.

March 17, 2022

  • Login Changes: We've improved how the deeplinking in our system works. If your logged out, and receive a deep link say to a specific club member - once logging in, you will automatically go to that club member. If you login to more than one Commmerce7 tenant, when you login, you will automatically be directed to the tenant you were last logged into (rather than a list of tenants).

Mar 16, 2022

  • Facebook Conversion App: The Facebook Conversion app by Highway 29 Creative will send conversions from Commerce7 like orders, reservations, club sign ups, and email subscribers to Facebook. It uses the Facebook Conversion API best practices to bypass ad blockers and the Pixel.
  • Customers: In the customer profile area, if a customer has more than 50 orders, you can now paginate through the orders. 

Mar 10, 2022

  • Bounced Email Report App: The Bounced Email Report app by Dionysus Analytics will allow you to see all your customers with bounced emails in one place. Learn more https://www.dionysus-analytics.com/
  • Search :We've updated our search index so that all areas where you could search by firstname/lastname you can also search by phone and email. Specifically this includes allocation grants, wishes, club signups, event tickets, and reservations.

Mar 8, 2022

  • Club Signups: Pickup club memberships on V2 Frontend now correctly collect the firstname, lastname, and phone number of the customer (previously just collected email address).

Mar 7, 2022

  • MultiParcels Shipping & Labels App: The MultiParcels Shipping & Labels app will help you optimize shipping label printing and logistics processes. Learn more https://www.multiparcels.com/

Mar 4, 2022

  • Dev Center: There are new extensions in the dev center for developers wanting to place context menu items on the cart detail and/or corporate order detail pages.

Mar 3, 2022

  • Squarespace: Commerce7 frontend widgets now work on the Squarespace CMS. For implementation documentation click here.
  • Commerce7 Storefront: Launch a website within minutes with Commerce7's pre-built Storefront. A Commerce7 Storefront is an instant website template that only requires you to input a logo, a font colour, and a few other basic settings to be up and selling

Mar 1, 2022

  • V2 POS For Everyone: We've opened up V2 POS for all customers (regardless of payment gateway you are on). Due to technical limitations, QuickPay and tokenizing from the EMV card reader is only available on Commerce7 Payments and Stripe. All other functionality exists for all customers.

Feb 28, 2022

  • POS: If you use ShipCompliant, you can now 'pre-check' compliance on the V2 POS

Feb 25, 2022

  • AALTAA Dashboard App: The AALTAA dashboard gives you top level access to all your winery information in a single glance. See key performance metrics and use date filters to get specific data. To learn more visit https://www.dionysus-analytics.com/

Feb 23, 2022

Feb 22, 2022

  • Gift Cards and Event Tickets: Version 2 Frontend Widgets will no longer ask for a shipping address or shipping methods for any virtual products (event tickets or virtual gift cards), making it easier for customers who only purchase a gift card or event ticket.

Feb 16, 2022

  • Reservations: Guest reservations on Frontend V2 now capture first name, last name, phone, and other data. (Previously captured email)

Feb 14, 2022

  • POS V2:
    • When signing up a club member from POS V2, it will now add the sales associate to the club membership record.
    • Product search always appears at the top of the main screen (previously scrolled with products and could sometimes appear hidden)
    • Long click to open the inventory modal will only open for accounts with roles of Admin Owners and Admin Users

Feb 8, 2022

  • New version 2 released for the POS. Including:

  • Admin:  You can now toggle dark mode in the admin panel

Feb 7, 2022

  • Compliance: All orders with a shipping address in Australia will now ask for a birth date on the V2 frontend.
  • ADA Compliance: V1 frontend has minor updates for ADA compliance (specifically around the side cart and labelling the heading)

Feb 1, 2022

  • Customer Flag/Notification: There is a new customer flag/notification for customers who club shipment decline when processing. The flag is automatically added if their club shipment declines. The flag is removed if the membership is cancelled or their credit card is updated.

Jan 31, 2022

  • C7 Payments: Updates from credit card account updater (such as new expiry date) now show on customers credit card record (along with a note stating their card was automatically updated)