System Updates - 2020

Feb 22, 2020

  • Collections - Dynamic collections now have the ability to filter on web status and admin status (great if you are making collections that are web only or POS only).

Feb 20, 2020

  • Orders - You can now filter by fulfillment date on the order list.

Feb 19, 2020

  • Reservations - If you create an Ad Hoc reservation you now have the ability to select whether an email confirmation is sent or not (by default its on).
  • Reservations - The display of reservations has been altered to show the experience along with options selected as well as the host.

Feb 18, 2020

  • Collections - Like products, collections now have a web status and admin status (and the previously used publish date has been removed).
  • Forms - When a recipient completes a form you now have the option to automatically add them to one of your manual groups. You also now have the option to send them a thank you email (in addition to a thank you message).
  • ShipCompliant - Club orders being passed to ship compliant will now contain tags of both the club title and the package title.

Feb 17, 2020

  • Club Processing - By default, all new club packages will have a two week email, a two day email, and a credit card decline email. If you have existing packages they will not be on by default but you can add these emails if you like. Read the documentation
  • Club Processing - By default, all new club packages will automatically process on the auto process date. Existing club packages will not automatically process and you will have to process them with the process button. Read the documentation
  • Transaction Emails - To go along with the above club processing, there are 3 new transaction Emails: Club Member Shipment Two Weeks Away; Club Member Shipment Two Days Away; and Club Member Shipment Credit Card Decline.

Feb 16, 2020

  • Order Export -Inventory location has been added to order exports if you are exporting orders with item detail.
  • Appellations - For British Columbia wineries, all BC appellations have been added to the appellation list. (Its no longer just Okanagan)

Feb 15, 2020

  • Notifications - There is a new notification to be notified when a credit card is updated (previously you would only be notified if a credit card was added). Turn this on under 'Settings / Notifications'
  • Collections - Collections now have the ability to have meta data.
  • Designer Tags - There is new options for the Buy Button on the website if using the Buy Button widget. Documentation here.
  • Dev Center - New options under the C7 API Permissions. We've added Groups and Clubs. Previously it was just Orders, Products, Customers, Club Memberships, Reservations and Customer Addresses

Feb 12, 2020

  • POS - There is now an explicit 'Pay With Cash' button on the charge screen rather than having to click 'Alternate Payment' and selecting cash. Read the documentation.

Feb 6, 2020

  • Dev Center - A lot of changes and additional opportunities for app developers. We’ve added App Data (like meta data, but data only your app can write too), App Sync (a log on the object where you can show synchronization status if syncing to another system, along with the ability to retry, and flag issues), and additional options on our extensions. We’ve also made numerous documentation updates. Read the docs.

Feb 5, 2020

  • Reports - All non-custom aggregate reports now have pagination if running over a significant timeframe or range.

Feb 4, 2020

  • Club Processing - You can now filter shipments by shipping state (and process by shipping state).

Feb 2, 2020

  • Club Processing - For user choice clubs, you can now edit club member shipments that have not been processed after the processing date from the POS or Admin Panel.

Jan 30, 2020

  • Reservations - Reservations can now be exported in a CSV format (from the Reservation Search screen).
  • Customers - Customer export now has an option to include the customers default address.

Jan 27, 2020

  • Notices - Previously buried feature, but as an admin you can leave notices for staff on the POS, Reservation screen and admin panel. Notices are accessed in the settings area.

Jan 26, 2020

  • Customers - Customers can now opt in/out of email marketing when creating a profile or editing their profile. Furthermore when creating a form you can give the customer the option to opt-in/opt-out of email marketing.
  • Order Export - Order Exports now contain up to 3 fulfillments along with fulfillment type (Shipped or Picked Up) and the tracking number or who picked up the package.
  • Dev Center - Dev Center has a new way of testing apps before publishing the app.

Jan 16, 2020

  • Reports - Tender Report and Tender Detail report now have a filter by POS Profile (in addition to other filters)
  • Orders - The main order list area can now filter on POS Profile.
  • Reports - Inventory Reports now all have filters to filter by location.
  • Reservations - When creating a reservation type there is an option for a 'department'. When reservation orders are placed it will use this department for sales by department.
  • Orders - If you use the order API, order tags now appear in the order payload (similar to how groups appear in the customer payload).
  • Web Hooks - If your developer is creating web hooks there is a new option to have basic auth on the web hook.

Jan 15, 2020

  • Reports - All order reports now have a filter by POS Profile (in addition to other filters).

Jan 13, 2020

  • Club Packages - When processing a package a new 'Inventory' pages exists showing you the inventory required for the club package.

Jan 10, 2020

  • Club Memberships - New 'cards' are available on club memberships to surface the most important information about a club membership.
  • Club Packages - Issues on club processing have a new display to more clearly highlight the issue.
  • Email - For people using Premier Cellar for their email, opens, clicks, and bounces now appear in the admin panel on a customer record. You can also see a visual copy of the email sent to the customer.
  • Settings - A few new timezones have been added. If you need a timezone not in the list, let us know.

Jan 2, 2020

  • POS - Temporarily dismiss flags on the POS (great if you are going to turn the POS over to the customer and you don't want them to see a flag).

Jan 1, 2020

  • Filters - All date related filters through the admin panel default to 2020.
  • POS - Meta data on a customer now collapses into a smaller box (with the ability to expand the box) if you have more than a few pieces of meta data on a customer.

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