Editing the blank email template

Read below for specific instructions on how to edit the Blank email template.

You can only select from the available content blocks and editing options built in with Campaigns. Designers cannot edit or create custom email templates within Campaigns. For a general overview of editing email templates, click here.

To edit the Blank email template, click on Marketing > Campaigns. Then click on Add Campaign.

You will see 5 email templates. Click the template called Blank.

Complete the campaign setup fields.

  • Title: give your campaign a title. This title is not included in the email and is not customer facing. 
  • To: this is where you will specify which customer tag you want to receive this campaign. To add a tag, start typing the name of a customer tag in the search bar or select Search to populate the first 5 customer tags in alphabetical order. 
  • From: this is the email address that will appear as the sender of the email.
  • Email Subject: this will appear as the subject line on the email.
  • Email Preview: this is the preview text of the email.

Now that you have completed the campaign setup fields, you can edit the body of the email template. At least one section is required, see below for instructions on how to edit, add, move and remove blocks of content from the email template. 


Editing the header block

The header and footer sections can't be removed from campaign templates.

The logo is pre-populated based on the logo in the Settings > General section of Commerce7.

To edit the placement of the logo, click on the logo in the email preview window. This will open up an editing section to the right of the screen.  Use the drop down menu under Logo Position to select Left or Center justification. 



Adding a content block

To add a content block, hover over the bottom boarder of the block above where you want to add the new block.

You will see a blue + icon appear. Click the blue + icon and the content block options will appear.


Select the type of content block you want to add.


Once you add the block, an editing section will open to the right of the screen. Add content and make adjustments using the fields in the editing section

For an overview of how to edit the different content blocks, click here.

Moving and deleting content blocks

To delete a content block select the content block you want to delete and then select the delete icon on the right. 

To move the placement of a content block, select the content block you want to move and then select the up and down arrow and drag the block up or down between other content blocks and release when it is in the correct spot. 


Editing the footer of a template

The header and footer sections can't be removed from campaign templates.

The footer of the email will automatically populate the contact information you have setup under Settings > General. To make edits to this information, click on Settings > General.

Check the boxes next to the information you want to appear in the footer of your email. 

The unsubscribe button can't be removed or altered and always has to be visible. 

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