POS Charging FAQs & Best Practices.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What are the charge options?

Q: How do I send payments to a device?

Q: I've sent the wrong amount to my device, what now?

Q: I'm hitting "Cancel Transaction" and/or "Check Response at (your gateway) but nothing is happening.

Q: What are the charge options?


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1. Process with Poynt (or other device) - When you send a payment to your payment device, you'll have the option to select which device you want to send the payment to. In the device drop-down menu, you'll be able to select which device you wish to send your payment to.
When setting up a device, you will have to create a "Device Name" - (see documentation here for reference on setting up devices). 

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2. Use Card On File - this will open a pop up window where you can select a customer's credit card from cards available on file. If the customer does not have any credit cards on file, you can manually enter a new one. 

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3. Manually Enter Card - this will pop up a window that will allow you to manually enter your customer's credit card information. This becomes useful if you do not have access to your credit card hardware, or if the credit card hardware runs out of battery or goes down. 

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4. Gift Card - this will open a pop up window where you can enter the Gift Card Code.

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Once you have entered the Gift Card Code you and change the value and then select 'Use Gift Card' 

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5. Pay with Cash - Amount tendered will default with the total for the order. If receiving the total amount, select 'Receive Cash'. If you are completing a split tender, enter the cash amount in the field and then select 'Receive Cash', the system will adjust to show the remainder owing on the order. 

If you have an integrated Cash Drawer use the drop down menu to select the cash drawer you want to open upon receiving the cash. 

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6. Alternate Payment - A form of payment accepted outside of Commerce7 system. Examples of 'external' payment; Email transfer, cheques, Venmo etc. 

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Q: I've sent the wrong amount to my device, what now?

It is very important that you DO NOT TRY TO GET OUT OF THE POP UP WINDOW. Please do not refresh the page, hit the back button, or open and close your browser to get out of this pop up window. 

A: Select "Cancel" on the Poynt device to return to the order on the POS. 

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Q: I have an cart stuck and I am getting the Error from Server: "Cart is waiting for charge to be completed. Please complete before editing."

A: To cancel the order;

  • Select 'RE-SEND TO POTNT'. This will send the transaction to the Poynt device.
  • The select 'Cancel' on the Poynt device.
  • Then select 'CHECK RESPONSE AT POYNT'.
  • Then return to POS and select 'Cancel Order'.

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It is possible that the payment was successful on the device, but before selecting Check Response at Poynt your internet went out. If this is the case, please wait until you have internet again before trying again. 

Once the payment has been processed and the order doesn't have a customer on file, there is an opportunity to capture the guests email address and they will receive the order confirmation transaction email i.e. emailed receipt. 

At this time you can capture the first name, last name and use the drop down menu to select the email marketing status. These fields are not required but a great way to capture the new customers information. Once you have completed this, select Email Receipt.