Setting up your Payment Gateway

The payment gateway that you set up will depend on where you are located. Commerce7 Payments is our primary payment processor and used for clients in the US, while Stripe is the primary payment processor for clients outside of the US.

Note: There is a lead time for completing this task so you should allow time to complete this prior to launch. We recommend at minimum 2 weeks.


Gateway options

US Clients

If you're located in the US, Commerce7 Payments is our primary payment processor. It's multi-gateway solution combining our in-house/native gateway with the best from Stripe. Our in-house gateway is used for all regular credit card processing and EMV devices, while we make use of Stripe to offer mobile payment options. Learn about Commerce7 Payments here. You have to activate both Commerce7 Payments and Stripe.

CAD, AU, NZ Clients (Outside US)

If you're located outside of the US, Stripe is the primary processor that you'll use to take advantage of all of the latest Commerce7 features. 


If you already signed up for our legacy solution including CardConnect/Poynt or Windcave, you can use the instructions here to complete setup. This solution will be discontinued so if you have not gone live with Commerce7, you should 
sign up with Commerce7 Payments.