Manually issuing gift cards

How to create a gift cards without processing an order by issuing a gift card in the admin panel.

Manually issuing a gift card is creating a physical or virtual gift card without the transaction of payment or processing an order in Commerce7. This can be used for promotions, gifts etc. with the option to assign the gift card to a specific customer, however the gift card code isn't automatically sent to the customer when manually issued from the admin panel. 

Issuing gift cards is ideal if you are migrating system and need to add in old gift cards from your old system. 

Issuing a virtual or physical gift card from the admin panel does NOT automatically email the customer with the gift card code. 

Start by navigating to Store > Gift Cards > select Add Gift Card. 


Next, complete the fields in order to issue the gift card;

  • Register to customer - this is optional. You can register a gift card to a customer and only that customer can redeem the gift card. If no customer is selected, anyone can use the gift card code. 
  • Title - give the gift card a title. 
  • Code - enter the code you want to use or leave this field blank if you want the system to auto generate the code. 
  • Type - select Virtual or Physical 
  • Status - select Active or Inactive 
  • Initial Amount - the starting balance of the gift card 
  • Expiry Date - the expiry date for the gift card. This is optional, if no expiry date is entered in this field the gift card will never expire. 
  • Notes - free form test field for notes related to this gift card 

When you click into a gift card, you will see a main section with all the gift card information i.e. number, code, balance and below will be a list of Transactions.