Integrating With Payment Express (Windcave) & Setting Up Your iPP350 or Move5000 Terminals

How Do I setup my Payment Express (Windcave) Account?

To get started on setting up your Payment Express (Windcave) account, contact our amazing rep Eric Mayling at Eric can also assist with ordering your iPP350 or Move5000 payment terminals.

How Do I Integrate My Payment Express (Windcave Account) With Commerce7?

You will need your API username and Password to complete the integration. If you don’t have your API username and password, you can contact Payment Express to get these details. You need to request a PxPost username and password, ensure you specify PXPOST to get the correct credentials.

Note: PxPost login credentials are the ones that don't end in "_PL"

If available, you can also request your HIT Username and HIT Key for your payment terminals You will need these details when you’re ready to setup your payment terminals.

Once you have obtained your API username and password, you can add the details to Commerce7 Settings by following these 2 steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > General > Payment

2. Click the pencil icon to edit the fields and add your API username and password (see screenshot below). Click Save.

How Do I Configure & Connect My iPP350 or Move5000 Payment Terminals?

To setup your iPP350 or Move5000 payment devices you will need your HIT username and HIT key. 

You may have already received these details when you were obtaining your API username and password but if not (or they weren’t available at that time), you can get these details by contacting Payment Express.

Once you have obtained your HIT username and HIT key, you can add them in the Commerce7 Settings (see screenshot below). 


The last step is to add your serial number/device key into your POS Profile. 

Your serial number/device key is located on the back of your device. Flip your device over and look for the number below the barcode (see screenshot). 


Next, in Commerce7, navigate to Settings > POS Profiles > Choose the Profile you want to connect your device to > scroll to the section called ‘Chip & Pin Device’ and enter your serial number/device key.




If Payment Express (Windcave) experiences any interruption in service please take the following steps;

Step 1: Unplug your device, wait a few minutes and plug the device back in.

Step 2: Contact Payment Express (Windcave) support at or call +1 778 807 5107. You can also check for any known issues on the Windcave status page:

Step 3: Process Payments by manually by choosing the options to 'Manually Enter Credit Card' in Commerce7.