Implementation Guide

Now that you have selected your package, let's get you setup!

Step 1. Design

Commerce7 gives you a ton of design potential! The platform can plug into any modern CMS such as WordPress or Craft. The Commerce7 team does not facilitate any design work, so before moving forward you should decide who is going to plug Commerce7's widgets into your front end site. 

If you have a designer you typically work with - great! We are happy to support them through the process. If you don't have a designer lined up, we have a network of strong designers familiar with our platform we could recommend to you. 

You can find them at or reach out to for a recommendation based on your specific needs. 

Step 2. Data Migration

Your data is important! We wouldn't want you to move forward without it. Although the Commerce7 team doesn't facilitate the migration of customer records, products, club members, and order history, we have a number of partners who do. 

You can find them at or reach out to for a recommendation based on your specific needs. If you work with a developer who is comfortable using our APIs to migrate data, we can support them through the process. 

Step 3. Payment Gateway

Commerce7 is integrated with various modern payment gateways. Regardless of where you're located, we have a solution for you that includes both EMV capability, as well as mobile payment options (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) for both online and POS orders. 

Payment gateway rates are based on volume, and will likely be competitive with your current rates. Payment gateway options will vary based on your region. To know what options you have, contact

Step 4. Onboarding

Got steps 1 - 3 figured out? Time to onboard! If you have a test account, upgrade it to a production account. If you don't have an existing account, sign up for one through

Once you've signed on with us, a project manager will contact you to begin the onboarding process. A project manager will coordinate with all parties involved (you, your designer, and data migration partner) to ensure the onboarding process moves forward smoothly. All onboarding steps will be outlined, and we'll walk you through them. Best of all -there is NO SETUP FEE.