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iDynamo 6 Payment Device Overview

iDynamo is a payment device compatible with Fullsteam Payments and works with iOS (iPad and iPhone)

iDynamo 6

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iDynamo 6 FAQs

  1. Which region is eligible for the iDynamo?
  2. Which Payment Processor is able to use the iDynamo?
    Fullsteam Payments
  3. Can you add tips directly on the iDynamo device?
  4. Which operating systems support the iDynamo?
    1. iOS only. Note that if you are using an iPad, your iPad must be able to run the latest IOS version. (It may run on older iOS versions but compatibility is not guaranteed).
    2. Connects using USB-C or Lightning connector depending on your iPad (does not use bluetooth)
  5. Is there a screen / keypad directly on the device?
  6. Is there an integrated thermal printer?
  7. Can the iDynamo take mobile payments?
  8. What is the rental price?
    $14.99 a month (includes the monthly software fee)
  9. What is the purchase price?
    $323 + $3.99 monthly software fee for each iDynamo device
  10. Does the iDynamo accept ApplePay and GooglePay?
  11. Does the iDynamo have Tap, Swipe and Insert functionality?
  12. How does the iDynamo connect?
    Two models:
    1. USB-C model for iPads with USB-C
    2. Lightning connector model for iPads with Lightning connector
  13. What's a good use-case for choosing the iDynamo?
    You have tablet(s) and would like to walk around with the device and take payments tableside. Best practice is to use one iDynamo per one device.
  14. How do you set up the iDynamo device once you receive it?
    Click here to view the Setup article/video.
  15. Are there protective cases that can be purchased for the iDynamo?
  16. Are iDynamo's sturdy?
    There is a known problem in which iOS disconnects (and can damage) lightning accessories when the iPad is locked. To prevent connection issues, users need to change the settings in the iPad to never auto-lock. This can be done on the iPad under Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock set to Never. Newer iPads will also have an option to lock when it senses the closure of a cover. If available, users should also set this to No/Never.
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