How Does Onboarding Work with Commerce7?

Commerce7’s onboarding and setup is self guided and user friendly.

For your convenience, when you signup with Commerce7, you will receive access to an onboarding checklist which is accessible right from your dashboard.

The onboarding checklist is a list of all tasks that need to be completed before you go live. Each task has detailed documentation associated with it that walks you through completing the task. If you run into any issues or have questions, you can contact your project manager via and they will be available to assist. 

There are also third party firms who can assist you with setup if you’d like to have someone else complete all tasks on your behalf. However, we would strongly recommend onboarding on your own as this process allows you to become comfortable and confident with the platform before being live. Reading through the documentation and setting up Commerce7 on your own also trains you on the platform and gives you a solid understanding of what can and can’t be done on the platform. If you’d really like to outsource onboarding, please contact and we can connect you with a third party firm.