Refunding a Debit Tender

Today, if you are using Payment Express as your gateway, you are not able to refund a debit tender in Commerce7. 

Note: If you are using the Poynt terminal, you can enable debit refunds on the physical terminals. Contact for details on how to set this up.

Here are the steps to refund a debit tender in Commerce7

  1. Find the order in the admin panel. Go to "Store" > "Orders" and pull up the order. 
  2. Refund the order. 

Commerce7 (35)-1

3. Remove the tender from the order.

Commerce7 (36)-1

4. Add the tender back as "Cash" or "External."

Note: "External" can be used if you are refunding the value directly on the Poynt terminal.

Commerce7 (37)-1

Commerce7 (38)

5. Process the refund.

6. Give the customer the appropriate amount of cash if you refunded as "Cash".