Settings Up Discounts - Coupons vs Promotions

We don't know about you, but at Commerce7 we love a bargain and we know your customer do, too! Before setting up your discounts, there are 2 types of discounts that you can add: Promotions and Coupons.

  • Promotions are discounts that automatically apply. If a customer and/or their order matches all of the criteria for the discount, they'll receive it automatically.
  • Coupons are discounts that need to be applied with a coupon code. Customers will need to enter the code during Checkout or staff will need to enter the code in the POS or admin. If their order matches all of the criteria of the discount, it will apply. 

From the admin side, Promotions and Coupons have the same settings to configure the discount. The discount setup is your choice based on how you want each to work. Do you want customers or staff to have to enter a coupon code? Or do you want all customers to automatically receive the discount (if they are eligible)?

For example, if you have a club member discount, you likely want this to apply automatically (ie. a Promotion). If you have a discount that you're emailing to a newsletter list, you might want them to have to enter a special code on Checkout (ie. a Coupon)

Learn how to setup a Promotion here
Learn how to setup a Coupon here

Note: By default, customers will only receive one discount at a time. If you want multiple discounts to be able to apply to an order at once, any Promotions and/or Coupons that should be able to stack will need to be added to a Promotion Set.