How Do I Setup My Customer Groups?

Customer groups allow you to segment your customers in Commerce7. You can create as many customer groups as you want... to each their own!

We even have dynamic groups that will automatically add customers to a group based on pre-determined conditions.

When deciding how many customer groups you want or the best way to set them up, you will want to ask yourself questions such as, 'how do I communicate with my customers in terms of mailing lists?' Or, 'do I give specific discounts to a grouping of customers such as staff or industry?'

To create a group, head over to the groups page, and click "Add Group". Create a title for your group.


Next, decide if your group type will be manual or dynamic. If you select manual, you will need to manually assign customers to a group. If you select dynamic, customers will automatically be populated into groups based on customers meeting predefined criteria. 

Manual Groups
If you've created a manual group, to assign a customer to this group, head over to a customer's profile. Use the drop down menu on the right hand side to select a group to add your customer to. A customer can belong to multiple groups at once. 



Dynamic Groups
If you've created a dynamic group, first set up the criteria a customer must meet in order to be populated into the group. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dynamic groups will not work on EXISTING customers. Dynamic groups only work on customers saved from the point you create (or edit) the group forwards. (This will change in the future and there will be an option to work on existing customers).



Criteria options include 

Lifetime value - this can be used to segment customers by how much they've purchased from you. 

  • Lifetime value greater than ____
  • Lifetime value less than ____

Birthdate - this can be used to segment customers by age. 

  • Birthdate is less than ____
  • Birthdate is greater than ____

State - this can be used to segment customers by the state they're located in. 

  • State is equal to ____
  • State is not equal to ____

Country - this can be used to segment customers by the country they live in. 

  • Country is equal to ____
  • Country is not equal to ____

Email marketing status - this can be used to segment customers into groups that are subscribed, not subscribed, or have a blank status. 

  • Email marketing status is equal to (subscribed/unsubscribed/blank).
  • Email marketing status it not equal to (subscribed/unsubscribed/blank).

Order count - this can be used to segment customers by how many orders they have placed with you. 

  • Order count is greater than ____
  • Order count is less than ____

Last order date - this can be used to segment customers by how long ago their previous order was. 

  • Last order date is greater than ____
  • Last order date is less than ____

Customer rank - this can be used to segment customers by their customer rank (customer rank is a value based out of 100 on how engaged a customer is with your brand. The higher the rank, the more engaged). 

  • Rank is greater than ____
  • Rank is less than ____

Once you have your criteria set, add your group. Now when NEW customers meet criteria outlined in your group, they will automatically be added to the group. In the near future, groups will apply to both new and existing customers. 

Filtering by Group
To filter customers by group, head over to the customer page. Click the filter button on the right hand side, select group as the filter, and then click the group you'd wish to filter by. 



Marketing by Group
To send an email to a specific group, head over to the campaign page in the marketing section. Create a new campaign, or select an existing draft. In a campaign, click on the "send to" field, and select the group you wish to send your email to. 



Discounting by Group
To make a promotion or coupon only apply to a specific group. Head over to either the promotions or coupons page in the store section. Click on a promotion or coupon. Scroll down to the field that says "Coupon Available To". Click this field, select "Group", and then select the group you wish the coupon or promotion to apply to. A promotion or coupon can apply to multiple groups at the same time. 


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