Setting Up the ATS Healthcare Integration

This documentation includes; 

Setting up ATS Healthcare Integration 

How to Export a Report with ATS Healthcare

How to Import your File in to ATS Healthcare

How to Upload your ATS Healthcare File Back into Commerce7

Types of Reports


The ATS Healthcare integration app for Commerce7 is owned and built by a 3rd party developer (Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding orders reports, setup, or support, please contact us at

Setting up ATS Healthcare Integration 

To get started with the ATS Healthcare integration, select the Apps Tab from the admin panel and then select the ATS Healthcare App. 

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Complete the fields in the ATS App.

  • Docket: Obtain your ATS Healthcare Docket from ATS
  • Service: Use the drop down menu to select the service type
  • Accessorials: Check all that apply
  • Shipment Tracking Emails: Select Yes or No

Once all the information is entered scroll down and select Install.

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The app will take a few minutes to install, once it’s done the pop-up window will close and you will see the ATS Healthcare App as active under the apps menu.



How to Export a Report with ATS Healthcare

To export a report with ATS Healthcare navigate to the Reports Tab in the admin panel and then select Order Reports. Once in Order Reports scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the ATS Healthcare option.


Once you select ATS Healthcare it will take you to the Commerce7 ATS Healthcare Export window.

To export or request a report, you will need to specify a date range for the shipping orders you would like to upload to ATS Healthcare. Select the Start Date for your report and the End Date and once you have selected your date range, select Submit. 


The system will process your request, this could take a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the range of dates and information to be exported.

Once it is complete you will see your request with the status marked as "Done", followed by the download button:

A copy of your report will be emailed to you - please note these links will expire in 24 hours.

How to Import your File in to ATS Healthcare

The file you will download will be in CSV form. You will need to review the information and make sure you save the document as XLS (Office 97-2003) format, NOT as XLSX, as this will be the file and format you will need to upload into ATS Healthcare.

Head into your ATS Healthcare app and follow the setup steps outlined by them on how to batch upload the orders for shipping.

How to Upload your ATS Healthcare File Back into Commerce7

ATS Healthcare allows you to upload your ATS process file to fulfill orders and push their tracking information back into Commerce7. 

To achieve this the export option must be enabled on ATS Healthcare. The needed download file should be available at the following path: C:\ATS

Once you have the file, navigate to the Store tab in the admin panel > select Orders then select More Actions and use the drop down menu to select 'Upload ATS Healthcare'


Once you click on the Upload ATS Healthcare options a new window will open, select and upload the CSV file and then select "Submit".

Once the file is uploaded the orders will be automatically marked as Fulfilled and the tracking number would be added to the orders. 


Type of Reports

You will be able to download three types of reports:

Orders Contains order details such as: Order No, Order Date, Customer No, Order Status, Shipping Details, Billing Details, Order Amount, Payment Method among others.
Line Items Contains order product details, as opposed to the order reports, you will be able to see what products were ordered, quantity, unit price, SKU, status of shipping, sales tax, shipping method, tracking number, shipping information, among other fields. 
Customers Contains all the information regarding the customer, such as: Address, Primary Billing, Primary Shipping, First and Last Name, Contact Information, Account information, among other details.