How do I migrate my credit cards to Payment Express/Windcave?

If you are migrating your credit cards to Commerce7 you will first want to make sure you are working with a data migration specialist. If you do not have a data migration specialist you can get started by contacting one of our Partner's here.

Note: The migration will only upload credit cards associated to club memberships so this will be a single card per customer.

Here are the steps to follow to complete a successful transfer of credit cards to CardConnect.

  1. You or Your data migration specialist should determine where your credit cards are currently stored. This will typically be with your current payment gateway; However, in some cases this may be your current software provider. Note: If you are migrating from WineDirect, your credit cards will be store with WineDirect.
  2. Next, you and/or your data migration specialist should co-ordinate on when to request the card export from your current gateway or software provider (wherever you have determined the credit card data is stored). You should consider timing of launch including the delta period between the card export from your current system and the launch with Commerce7. You should also consider that Payment Express/Windcave will require a few days to complete the import. 
  3. Once you have coordinated an export date, you can contact your current provider to request the export.  Please request that the exported file be sent directly to Jason at Payment Express/Windcave at the following email address You may need to also provide a copy of the Payment Express/Windcave's AOC file.
  4. Next, you or your data migration specialist should reach out to Jason at Payment Express/Windcave by emailing You will want to let him know when to expect a file from your current provider. Please include the following in your email;
    a. the scheduled day
    b. the name of the client that owns the Payment Express/Windcave account
    c. the Payment Express/Windcave merchantID or PxPost username
    d. the contact info and email address of the data migration specialist that should receive the file after the tokens have been populated.
  5. Once Payment Express/Windcave receives the file, they will require a couple of days to tokenize the cards. Timing depending on amount of data.
  6. Payment Express/Windcave will send the new file to the email that was provided to them in Step 4 above (data migration specialist). The import will maintain the format of the original CSV file and replace the raw credit cards in the file with the token associated with the card in Payment Express/Windcave.
  7. The data migrations partner will receive the file. They will match the tokens in the file based on the customer identifier or original token and then upload the tokens to Commerce7.

Note: The tokens will be in Column O of the file returned to you by Payment Express.  Also, if opening your file in Excel, you must add four zeros to the start of the token as Excel with strip the leading four zeros from the token.