How Do I Initialize Inventory?

If you're reading this documentation, we're assuming you have already completed the preliminary step of setting up your inventory locations and products?

If you haven't... stop here and read this documentation on inventory locations and this documentation on setting up products.

You may have already initialized inventory at product setup if you click the checkbox called 'Has Inventory.' If you have not initialized inventory you can follow these steps.

Before initializing inventory, here is a more information about how inventory works in Commerce7 and how to make adjustments to inventory as you start using the system.

How Does Inventory Work in Commerce7?

In Commerce7, inventory is segmented into three positions: available for sale, reserve, and allocated.


Available for sale: this is exactly how it sounds, this is your inventory that is currently available for sale. If you add inventory at product setup, that number would be what you have in the Available for Sale position.

Reserve: When a customer makes a purchase, inventory moves from available for sale, to reserve. Inventory stays in reserve until the associated order has gone through compliance. 

You can also manually move inventory to the reserve category if you want to set it aside for an upcoming event or for other purposes. 

Allocated: Once an order has gone through compliance, inventory associated with that order moves from the reserve segment to the allocated segment. 

If you are not using ShipCompliant, once an order has been created, inventory moves from the available for sale segment right to the allocated segment. 

Inventory stays in allocated until the associated order has been fulfilled. 

Once an order has been fulfilled, inventory is cleared from allocated and leaves the system. 


Initializing Inventory

If you did not initialize your inventory at product setup, you can follow these steps to do that now.

Click Store > Inventory > Click the product you want to initialize.

Toggle the Inventory Process to Inventory On.

Select an Inventory Policy For This Product, either Back Order or Don't Sell.

Set an Available For Sale quantity for all locations.

Click Initialize Inventory.


Making Adjustments to Inventory

To make any adjustments or changes to inventory - check out the following documentation.