How Do I Get Started?

Welcome (officially) to Commerce7! 
We're feeling pretty lucky that you chose us, and we want to say thank you on behalf of our whole company.
Whether you're just starting out or moving a current store and customer database to Commerce7, our tools will enable you to create the best shopping experiences for your customers. Customer experiences that are customer centric lead to loyalty, customer happiness, and ultimately drive sales and profit for your business.
Now, let's get you up and running with Commerce7!
Once you're logged into your Commerce7 dashboard, click the Onboarding tab. If you haven't received access to your C7 dashboard contact

What is the Onboarding Checklist?
The onboarding checklist is a series of 'To-Do's' that will guide your Commerce7 setup. We recommend getting as involved as possible with the set up. The more of the setup you take on, the more comfortable and familiar you will become with the platform - plus, checking things off the list is so satisfying!
If you are already using another platform and need to move your data to Commerce7, please contact and we'll connect you with a 3rd party data migration specialist. 
Here is a link to some Frequently Asked Questions to get you started, but if you need anything else - shoot us a message at!
Looking forward to working with you :)

NOTE: If you or your developer/designer need help using Commerce7 APIs or design widgets, click the links to access our API or designer documentation. Our onboarding team is not able to answer questions about Commerce7 APIs or Design.