How to Get Started - Onboarding 101

Welcome (officially) to Commerce7! We're feeling pretty lucky that you chose us and we want to say thank you on behalf of our whole company.
Whether you're just starting out or moving a current store and customer database to Commerce7, our tools will enable you to create the best shopping experiences for your customers. Customer experiences that are customer centric lead to loyalty, customer happiness, and ultimately drive sales and profit for your business.

Below you'll find a summary of everything you need to know while getting started with Commerce7. These are the key pieces that you'll want to be thinking about as you get started. 

In this article:

  1. Setup Guide
  2. Data Migration
  3. Website Design
  4. Payment Gateway


1. Setup Guide

Since all businesses are little bit different in the way they manage their workflows and processes, it can become a bit overwhelming to get started with your initial Commerce7 setup.
Not to worry! Just follow our convenient Setup Guide checklist to get setup and launched as quickly as possible without worrying about forgetting any important steps. In the checklist, we outline the most important tasks to get you launched. You can always adapt and utilize additional platform features as you become familiar with the system.  
Once you've logged into Commerce7, you can access the Setup Guide from the Homepage or by clicking the link in the top right hand corner of the page header.

You should have received an email to access your account for the first time or if someone from your team already has access, you'll want to get them to add an account for you. If you're unsure how to get access, you can contact us at

The Setup Guide is a series of "To Do's" that will guide your Commerce7 setup. The list is comprised of the basic setup required to get you launched with Commerce7 quickly. We recommend completing all tasks, but some of them are optional and may not be applicable to you. On these ones, you'll see the option to "skip" the task. As you go through each task, you can click the name to go to the area in the admin panel or click the checkbox to mark the task as complete and see your progress!

If you scroll down the page, you'll also see some extra checklists that you can add on if you want to set up the POS, Reservations, or if you plan on migrating data from another system.

We recommend getting as involved as possible with the set up. The more of the setup you take on, the more comfortable and familiar you will become with the platform - plus, checking things off the list is so satisfying!
If you have any questions or need anything else as you're setting up Commerce7, shoot us a message at

2. Data Migration

Your data is important! We wouldn't want you to move forward without it. If you were using another platform and need to move your data to Commerce7, you will need a data migration specialist to assist. Commerce7 does not have import tools (i.e spreadsheets) so your data will have to be manually entered, or migrated via our APIs. Learn more about what data migration means. 

Although the Commerce7 team doesn't facilitate the migration of customer records, products, club members, and order history, we have a number of partners who do. If you do not have someone to migrate your data yet, you can find a list of our data migration partners here or you can reach out to for a recommendation based on your specific needs. 

If you already have a partner who is able to help with data migration, they can view our full API  documentation here


3. Website Design

Since Commerce7 doesn't have built-in website tools, you'll need to work with a designer to add the Commerce7 tools to your existing website, build a new one, or choose a template. We recommend deciding this early on as it can take a little bit longer if you're starting from scratch and you can't go live without it. (We do not recommend going live with your POS before your website. Most of the transaction emails in Commerce7 include convenient links back to the customer's profile on the website. If your website isn't live, these links will break which isn't the best customer experience.)

Need more of a low-down on how websites work with Commerce7 and how to start this process? Read the full overview here.

If you understand what you need to do, but don't have a designer yet, please contact and we can help connect you with one of our partner designers. You can also find a list if our partner designers here. 

If you already have a design partner, they can view our documentation on implementing the Commerce7 widgets here.



4. Payment Gateway

In order to get up and running you'll need to set up a payment gateway. To get launched as quickly as possible, this is something that you want to start thinking about. 

Commerce7 is integrated with various modern payment gateways. Regardless of where you're located, we have a solution for you that includes both EMV capability, as well as mobile payment options (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) for both online and POS orders. 

Payment gateway rates are based on volume, and will likely be competitive with your current rates. Payment gateway options will vary based on your region. To know what options you have, contact

Learn more about setting up your payment gateway.