Fulfilling a Shipping Order

When a Shipping Order is successfully processed, you will need to fulfill the order. Depending on how your business operates, this process may be automated or manual or a mixture.



Automated Fulfillment

Here are the two most common configurations for automated fulfillment:

1. ShipCompliant and Fulfillment Warehouse

This is the flow if you have ShipCompliant enabled and the Fulfillment House field is configured to your Fulfillment Warehouse partner. 

With this configuration, shipping orders processed in Commerce7 will be sent to the Fulfillment Warehouse as soon as it passes ShipCompliant's compliance check. Your fulfillment partner will pack up and ship the orders accordingly. As these orders are shipped, your fulfillment partner will upload the tracking numbers to ShipCompliant. 

Our system checks ShipCompliant for newly uploaded tracking numbers and sync them into Commerce7 every 4 hours. So, if your fulfillment partner is correctly uploading the tracking numbers to ShipCompliant, these tracking numbers should flow into Commerce7 automatically. When a tracking number is added to an order, it is marked Fulfilled.

2. Using Shipping Integrations (Shippo, ShipStation or ShipIt)

This is your flow if you have Shippit, ShipStation or Shippo enabled under Apps.

With this configuration, you will print your shipping labels on the 3rd party app. Generating these labels should create a tracking number for your packages. You will need to prepare the packages and ship them out accordingly.

Shippo, ShipStation or ShipIt will push tracking number to Commerce7 when the package has been scanned by the carrier and is in transit. This scan is sometimes done by the delivery driver or at the first shipping hub. Commerce7 mark the order as Fulfilled when the tracking number is added.   


Manually Fulfilling

Here is how you manually update a Shipping Order to Fulfilled:

Go to Store > Orders > Select the Order > Fulfillment tab. You should see these options.

  1. No Fulfillment Required. This will mark the order No Fulfillment Required. 
  2. Fulfill Order. This will allow you to pick the items to fulfill, add shipping information and mark the order as Fulfilled or Partially Fulfilled
  3. You can select the Inventory Location that you want to fulfill from.
  4. You can click on the Remove to revert back to Not Fulfilled if needed.