How Do I Enable System Notifications?

Notifications are alerts that are automatically emailed out when certain actions takes place. 

Example: A new order being created will trigger the 'New Order' notification.

In Commerce7 you can "enable" or "disable" all notifications.

Note: By default, all notifications are "disabled."

When a notification is enabled, alert emails will go out after the action has been triggered. When a notification is disabled, no alert emails will be sent in response to the action. 

Aside from enabling or disabling notifications, in the admin you can also specify which email address you'd like your alerts sent to. 

At this time, new notifications cannot be created. Only the default list of notifications are available. 


Enabling System Notifications

Reviewing/enabling system notifications is quite simple. Here's how:

Click on Setting > Notification.

Click into the notification you want to enable. Toggle the notification to enable and add in the recipient address you want to receive the notification.