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Creating a Subscription Club

The Commerce7 Subscription Club is a modern style club that allows your customers to control the size and frequency of their shipments. With the subscription club, wine lovers can get wine as often as they want! Our subscription club chooses products for the club member based on the pool of products you create and also looks at their order history, likes and dislikes. 

Before you begin making clubs in Commerce7 - it may be helpful to understand the different types of club and what the terminology means. Learn a basic overview here.

In this article:

  • Step 1. Creating your subscription club - Here, you will add the title of your subscription club, add the content your customers will see on your website and add any specific email instructions you want included in the Club Signup Confirmation your members will receive when they signup for this club. In the Configure step, you will also set the shipment frequencies offered and the cart minimums (quantity and order value) you require for all shipments. 
  • Step 2. Items - Here, you will configure the pool of products the system will select from when creating club shipments for subscription club members. 
  • Step 3. Shipments - In the Shipments step, you can review all upcoming shipments as well as any shipments with issues. You can also filter at this step for additional criteria such as Ship State and Order Delivery Method.
  •  Step 4. Adding Promotions or Coupons - If needed, you can add a Promotion or a Coupons to apply to your subscription club. 
  • Step 5. Inventory - The Inventory step is an important one. Here, you will be able to see inventory required to complete processing. 


Step 1. Creating your subscription club

  1. Go to Club > Subscriptions in the admin panel, then click Add Subscription Club
  2. Add a Title for your new club and use the Content box to include the details of your club.
    Note that the title is customer facing.
  3. In the Email Instructions field add any information you want to be included in the Club Sign Up Confirmation transactional email (this email is triggered upon club signup). Since this field is available for each club that you offer, you can tailor it to be more specific.
    For more information on how to edit transactional emails, take a look at our documentation on Setting Up Transactional Emails.

  4. There are two club types listed. Make sure that Subscription Club is selected here.
  5. Now you can configure the different settings for the subscription:
    1. Product Selection - For subscription clubs, there is only one option. Products are automatically selected for each customer based on the pool of products that you specify. If you don't want this to happen, you'll likely want to set up a Traditional Club instead, but first you can read about the types of clubs and how they work here.
    2. Minimum # of Products - Allows you to set the minimum number of products that are required in a member's shipment in order to process. This is the minimum number of products required for every shipment the club member receives. They will not be able to have less products than this number, but they can always add more to their shipment.
    3. Frequencies Offered - These are the frequencies that a customer can choose to receive club shipments. For example, if you set 3 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months as options, customers will be able to see a dropdown when signing up and in their account online that will allow them to choose how often they want to receive a club shipment. 
      1. Select an option from the dropdown and click Add for each that you want to add as an option.

      2. Tip: The club membership export includes a column with the frequency for each club member. For more information about the Club Membership Export, click here.
    4. Default Frequency - This is the default frequency that is selected for customers when signing up for your subscription. The club member will be able to change this to any other options that you set, but this will be the frequency of club shipments used if the customer doesn't select another option. 

      Note: The default frequency you select must also be available in the Frequencies Offered list.
  6. A URL will be generated upon setup. This is the URL that will be used on your live website. Click the Edit button to adjust the URL (the slug) and to adjust the meta tag title and description. You can leave the meta tag title and description as is, or optionally change it for better SEO. 
  7. If you have one, add an Image
  8. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll see Status settings for online and in the Admin:
    1. Available
    2. Not Available 
  9. When you're finished, select Add Club. You can then copy and paste the club's URL to see what it looks like on the front end.

You can use the Stats Panel on the right to quickly review stats such as, number of active members, upcoming shipments for the next two weeks and shipments with issues. 

You can also review upcoming packages and packages with issues in Step 3. 


Publish Date

The publish date is the date the club package will be visible to the club member to make adjustments when they are logged into their account. 


You can mark the subscription club package as "Visible" and club members will have access right away or you can select "Publish in the future on specific date" which will allow you to select the date and time that the package is available to the club member. You can also set the package to "Hidden" and the package will no longer be available for the the club member or the admin. 



Subscription Club emails will automate your club communication. Club members will automatically be sent two separate emails prior to their custom club process date. The timing of the automated club emails is pre-configured as follows;

  • 2 weeks before the club members custom process date
  • 2 days before the club members custom process date 
  • After the individual club package is processed, members with a declined credit card will automatically receive a third club email notifying them of the credit card decline. 

The content of the automated club emails can be edited the same way as other system transactional emails by clicking on Settings > Transactional Emails. To learn more review our documentation on Setting Up Transactional Emails. 

Note: Subscription Club automated emails can NOT be turned off. 

If everything looks good in Step 1, you can select "Continue" to Step 2. 


Step 2: Items 

Add a pool of products that you want the system to choose from when creating subscription packages for club members. 

Enter product names in the product search bar and select the "+" when you want a product added to the pool. You can fill in the boxes on the left to set the default quantity (quantity the member will receive of this product if no changes are made), as well as any minimums and/or maximum requirements for each product.


You can change the default, minimum and maximum quantities of a product that is already added to the pool of products by selecting "Edit Item" below the product name. 


A window will open and you can make edits to the quantities here, when you are finished you can select "Save Item". 

min product

If there is no default items set here, the system will create the club package based on customer order history and using the pool of products you have created in Step 2. 

Once you have added all the products to the pool, you can select "Continue" to move to Step 3: Shipments. 

Adding, Removing & Adjusting Product in Subscription Packages

Adding A Product

Adding a product to the list in Step 2 of the club package will affect the packages 2 weeks from the current date. There will be a message displayed in Step 2 with the date two weeks out for reference. The adjustments you make in Step 2 will not affect the packages that are processsing in the next two weeks.

For example if today is September 29 and you set the minimum of a product in Step 2, none of the club packages currently listed in Step 3 will be affected. Only the packages created after October 13 will have the minimum set. 

Commerce7 (54)

Removing Product

If you remove a product from Step 2 of the package, it will not affect any existing shipments that haven't been processed yet. Removing a product from Step 2 will only affect future shipments. 
Adjusting Minimum and Maximum on a Product
If a product had a minimum quantity and you change the quantity, the customers min quantity will be the lesser of what it was when the shipment was first created and what the minimum quantity is today. 
If a product had a maximum quantity and you change the quantity, the customers maximum quantity will be the greater of what it was when the shipment was first created and what the maximum quantity is today.

Step 3: Shipments

Step 3 is where you will see all your subscription club members listed. Since all subscription club members have a custom process date, the list of shipments in Step 3 will only display upcoming shipments for the next two weeks. The Next Process Date is listed for each member, that is the date their club package will process. 

After a club member signs up for your subscription club their FIRST club shipment will automatically be schedule 2 days after their sign up date, giving them a chance to make adjustments to their package. All subsequent club shipments will be scheduled based on the signup date.   

Important: There is no planning stage for subscription clubs. Once the club has been created, and members have been added, shipments will be created 2 weeks before and payment will be captured on the processing date. If you are still in planning phase or in onboarding phase with Commerce7, you can push their process dates on their membership so that the first club shipment doesn't process before you are ready. 

process date

From Step 3 you can also; 

By clicking onto an individual club member's package, you can edit the shipping and billing address. You can also set or edit a preferred shipping service and edit the club member's payment for the current package. Simply select "Edit" under each section, make the changes and then select "Save" once completed. 

Use the search bar to add products to the package from the pool of products that you have created in Step 2. Select the "+" sign when you want to add a the product to the package. In the individual club member's package you can select "Edit" on each product to change the quantity in the package. 


Once you have changed the quantity of the product, select Save


Step 4: Promotions and Coupons


Promotions can be applied to a Subscription Club and is defined by what you have setup under Store > Promotions. For more information on how to setup promotions take a look at our documentation on Creating Promotions in Commerce7.


Coupons can be applied to a Subscription Club by defining it at the Club level. For more information about how to create Coupons, take a look at our documentation on Creating Coupons.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 4.00.26 PM

The discount will display in Step 3 when you click into the individual club member's package.


Shipments with Issues

Members/Orders with issues will display with a red bar across the bottom of the individual club package and will include an error message. You can easily filter shipments with issues by selecting the option above the members and it will populate all shipments with issues.  

Club shipments with issues will display for 2 weeks after the process date and then will be removed from the list. Orders with issues can be exported by selecting the Export at the top and a CVS file will be emailed to you. 



Step 5: Inventory 

In Step 4 you will see an inventory page showing you the inventory required for the packages up to the date you have specified. Example: if you have 2 club members processing on July 10, 3 club members processing on July 13 and 1 club member processing on July 20, the required quantity will be the total amount of each item you need to fulfill those club shipments. 

Required Quantity: Current quantity of products needed for the club packages that are processing up until the date you have selected above. 

Available for Sale: Current overall inventory that is available for sale for that product. 

Include Skipped Packages: If this is checked off, inventory for all skipped packages up to the date you have selected will be included. 

A red indicator will be beside products that have low or not enough inventory for the upcoming club shipments up to the date you have selected above. 



How to Skip a Club Shipment

As the admin you have the ability to skip a club package for a club member before their auto process date. To skip a club members package go to Step 3 and select "Skip" on the individual club members package. 


You can easily reverse this at anytime by selecting "unskip". You can then choose to process their package but selecting "process" 


How to Process a Club Shipment 

To manually process a package, go to Step 3 and select "process" on the individual club package. This will process the individual club member's package. 


How to Edit Shipping & Add a Requested Ship Date to a Club Memberships Package

On an individual club member's package you can override the selected shipping and shipping fee and set a ship date. Go to Step 3 of the club package, then select an individual club members package and select the edit icon on the shipping line on the club members package. 

edit shipping-2

When you are finished editing, select Save Shipping and the changes will be visible on the shipping line. Shipping changes are now saved and you can manually process the individual club member's package or go back to the list of upcoming club shipments.