How Do I Count Guests - Do You Have a Guest Counter?

Unfortunately today we do not have a built in guest counter (this feature will likely come in the future). Please do not use a fake customer or product to count guests. 

Here’s why. 

We believe that customer experience is the number one reason why a consumer will choose your brand today. A great customer shopping experience is personalized (meaning that a specific customer will see unique product recommendations, discounts, and content based on their specific relationship with your brand, and the context of their visit to your website). There is a ton of data to back up the fact that personalized shopping experiences drive revenue, conversion, and customer retention. 

80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. -

Commerce7 has a built in personalization engine that can recommend unique products to your customers, alert you to which club members are in danger of canceling, and can tell you which promotions to give consumers to push a purchase. 

In order for our personalization engine to work effectively and provide your customers with the best experience, and you with the most value, data in our platforms needs to be clean and standardized. When you add a fake “guest guest” or “count count” customer or product into Commerce7, key data such as average order value, average LTV, average number of orders per customer, most popular product, etc become skewed.