How Do I Connect Commerce7 With ShipCompliant

The ShipCompliant (SC) integration allows you to get real-time compliance checks and local tax rates for your Commerce7 orders.

The ShipCompliant integration will also allow you to send orders to any fulfillment house integrated with ShipCompliant and will automatically update tracking numbers and fulfillment status in Commerce7 by checking ShipCompliant for updated tracking information every four hours.

Before You Get Started

Before you get started on the steps below, make sure you have your ShipCompliant account configured properly. 

This includes items such as;

  • Licenses setup and activated
  • Product SKUS setup in SC (All SKUS must match exactly in Commerce7)
  • A webservice account setup in SC for Commerce7

If you have questions about your SC account setup, please contact

Connect Your ShipCompliant Account to Commerce7

Step 1: Navigate to Apps in your Commerce7 dashboard and click on ShipCompliant.


Step 2: Configure your settings.

There are several fields that need to be filled it. Here is what they all mean.

Is Active: Toggle to ‘Active’

Mode: Toggle to ‘Production’

Username: This is the username you set up for your webservice account in SC

Password: This is the password you set up for your webservice account in SC

Shipment Status: This is the status for the order when it hits SC. If you want orders to flow automatically to Fulfillment, choose ‘Sent to Fulfillment’ from this list. If you have questions about the Shipment Status that works best for you, contact

Note: not all SC Fulfillment partners are configured to have orders automatically flow, so you will want to check with your fulfillment house to confirm.

Order Prefix: This is optional. Could be used if you have more than one brand using the same ShipCompliant account as a way to identify orders.

Fulfillment House: Choose your fulfillment house from the list. Note: This list only show SC fulfillment partners.  If you have questions about whether or not your fulfillment house is a SC partner, contact

Carrier Pickup Locations in Checkout: Complete this if using the HAL functionality

Carrier Pickup Location Type: Complete this if using the HAL functionality

Compliance Type: Toggle to ‘Full Compliance Check’

Schedule task to check ShipCompliant to see if orders fulfilled: This is optional.

Push carry out orders to ShipCompliant: This is optional.

USA Taxes From: If you completed all the above steps you should toggle to ‘ShipCompliant


Adding Shipping Codes in Commerce7

If you are using ShipCompliant, you will want to ensure you setup the appropriate carrier codes for your your shipping services under Settings > Shipping. It is extremely important the code is an EXACT match to the fulfillment option's code in ShipCompliant. 

If you are unsure, please contact ShipCompliant.

If you need more information on setting up shipping in Commerce7, click this link on How to Setup Shipping.


For quick reference, here are some common carrier codes you might need:


FedEx Ground: FXG

FedEx Ground Home: FGH

FedEx 2Day: FEX

FedEx 3Day: FEX3

FedEx Priority Overnight: FXP

FedEx Standard Overnight: FXO



UPS Ground: UPS


UPS 2nd Day: UP2

UPS 3Day: UP3

UPS Next Day: UP1