How Do I Create Queries for Customers?

Create and export customer lists/segments based on pre-set conditions with the query builder.

Use the query builder for your marketing efforts or to simply collect/analyze data based on customer segments. The query builder allows you to create lists of customers based on certain criteria such as what SKUs customers have purchased, where they live, whether or not they have a club membership and more.

To create queries for customers first navigate to Marketing > Queries > Customers > Select "Add Customer Query".


Step 1: Configure

First, add a title for your customer query.

Next, use the drop down menu to choose if you want to create the query for customers that are found in or not found in one of the following primary conditions

  1. A Customer meeting the subsequent conditions you setup.
  2. A Club Membership, with the subsequent conditions you setup.
  3. An Order, with the subsequent conditions you setup.
  4. A Reservation, with the subsequent conditions you setup.

After selecting your primary condition, now you can add your subsequent conditions. You can add a condition by using the available. drop down menus. For a list of possible conditions, click here.

Select "OR" beside the first condition if you want the customer query to meet one of the conditions you create.

Select "Add Another Condition" below the conditions if you want the customer query to meet all conditions.

or or and

Once you have your conditions created, select "Add Customer Query". The page will save all conditions that you have created and give you an overview of the query. Once you are content with the conditions you have created, select Step 2: Execute. 

Note: After saving the customer query, you have the option to 'stack' another set of conditions to apply to the query. Simple save the Order Query and click 'Add Another Set of Conditions.'

add another set

Step 2: Execute

Once you have selected Step 2: Execute, you will see the title of your query and a history of last executed date and last executed count and if the query has previously been executed. 

To execute your query select "Execute Query".


A window will pop up confirming that once you click "Execute Query" the system will process the query and send you the results via email. 

To include the customers default address with the query results make sure to check the box below before selecting 'Execute Query'.

default address customer

Create A Customer Tag From a Query

After executing your query you have the option to create a tag from the results of the query. On Step 2 of your query, select "Create Tag from List" and enter in a title for your new customer tag. 

This will create a manual customer tag and automatically tag all customers in the query. 

create tag

Execute Query Again

Once you have created a query, you can execute the query again at anytime by selecting the query > Step 2: Execute and select "Execute Query".

Step 2 will have an overview of the last executed date and time of the query. Once you have executed the query, you can create a new tag to tag any new customers in the query. 

Note: The tags you create from a query are automatic, if you execute again and create a new tag from the query, both tags will be on the customer profile. 

Customer Query Conditions Options; 

Note: Query condition options will depend on the primary condition that is chosen

Birth Date

Birth Month

Cancel Date

Cancellation Reason



Club Member

Club Status

Created At

Coupon Used

Credit Card Expiry

Department Purchased

Email Marketing Status

Last Order Date

Lifetime Value

Order Count

Order Date

Order Delivery Method

Order Fulfilled Date

Order Fulfillment Status

POS Profile

Promotion Used


Reservation Created

Reservation Date

Reservation Type

Ship to Country

Ship to State

Signup Date

Single Order Total

Sku Purchased