Gift Card Overview

An overview of gift card functionality.

In Commerce7 a gift card is a special type of product that can be a physical gift card or virtual gift card code, both can be used to process payment on the web or POS. 

Gift cards can only be sold and redeemed via the Web and POS channels. 

Gift Card product

In Commerce7 a gift card can be created as a physical or virtual product. The gift card code can entered in the appropriate field when processing payment on the POS or on the web. 

Virtual gift cards are the most common way to sell gift cards online. When a customer purchases a virtual gift card, Commerce7 sends an auto-generated 16 digit gift card code to the customer's email address. The recipient can then use the gift card by copy/pasting the code to the gift card field in the checkout process on the web. 

Physical gift cards can be sold at the tasting room. You will need to work with a gift card vendor to create and encode plastic gift cards. Each physical gift card must have a unique code, minimum of 10 characters and a maximum of 256 characters. 

Review our documentation on Creating gift cards for more information and instructions on creating physicals and virtual gift cards. 

Processing, redeeming & managing gift cards

Gift cards can be processed and redeemed through the web and POS channels only. Gift cards can't be processed through the inbound channel (admin panel) at this time. There is an option to manually create and issue gift cards through the admin panel, see below for more information. 

A list of gift card is available under Store > Gift Cards and each gift card can be reviewed with a list of all transactions related to that gift card code. There is an option to export a list of all gift cards.

Review our documentation on Processing, redeeming & managing gift cards for instructions and examples. 

Manually issuing gift cards

Gift cards can be manually issues through the admin panel by navigating to Store > Gift Cards. Manually issuing gift cards doesn't require a payment to create the gift card and doesn't create an order in Commerce7. It can be assigned to a customer on file or available for any customer to use. 

Review our documentation on Manually issuing gift cards for more information and instructions. 

Reloading gift cards

Gift cards can be reloaded through the POS or through the admin panel. Review our documentation on Reloading gift cards for instructions and examples.  

Gift Card FAQ's

Can you pay for a club membership with a gift card? 

A club membership can be set to use an available gift card balance that is assigned to that specific customer/club member.

For more information review our documentation on Can You Use A Gift Card for a Club Membership? 

Can you redeem a gift card on a inbound order? 

Currently you can't redeem a gift card on an inbound order, this feature will be added in the future.

Are Gift Cards Re-loadable? 

Physical Gift Cards are currently not re-loadable.

Can you pay for a gift card with a gift card? 

No, you can't use a gift card to pay for another gift card. 

Can you discount Gift Cards?

Yes, gift cards are like other products in Commerce7 and can be listed in a Collection or list individually when setting up your promotions and coupons. 

Can you assign a customer after creating the gift card? 

You can assign a gift card to a customer at anytime. Navigate to Store > Gift Cards > select the gift card and then select Edit Gift Card, then search the customers name and re-save the gift card. Once card has been assigned to a customer it cannot be re-assigned to someone else. If incorrect customer should be assigned you will need to cancel that gift card, create new card and assign to correct customer.

Can you transfer gift cards to other customers?

You can't transfer gift cards between customers. A customer can use their gift card code on any order.

Can customers check their balance from our website? 

Currently you can't check a gift card balance on a customer account, this feature will be added in the future. 

Can you edit a gift card code?

You can't edit a gift card code at this time. If you entered an incorrect code when selling a physical gift card, we would recommend refunding the order and reprocessing a new order with the correct code.

Can gift cards be part of a product bundle?

Gift cards will not function when part of a product bundle.  

Can I create my own code when manually creating a gift card?

Yes, when creating the gift card in the gift card section, you can enter your own code or leave blank for the system to auto generate the code.