Finding An App in Commerce7

All pre-built Apps by Commerce7, as well as Apps built by third-party developers, can be found by logging into Commerce7 and clicking on the Apps tab.

When reviewing the possible Apps available to you, think about what your business needs are, compared to what is offered inside the Commerce7 functionality. This could be related to reports you need that Commerce7 doesn't have, analytics or data requirements you might want, or perhaps some order management requirements outside the Commerce7 core features.

It is also important to note that most third-party Apps have a fee associated, so you will want to consider that when making the choices of what Apps to use.

We recommend reaching out to the App developer to learn more about how their App can help meet your business needs. You can also contact the App developer directly fo questions about setup and support.

For more information on working with and assessing App functionality, click here.