Fundamentals of Using Commerce7

To use Commerce7 you must first understand the basic functionality C7 offers.

Commerce7 is a progressive web app comprised of a CRM, a POS application, a reservations system and store widgets that plug into your website. All these areas are conveniently accessed and managed through one simple dashboard.  

The C7 dashboard is comprised of various sections where you can setup and manage all the data associated with your customers, orders, clubs, products and store.

All this great data you setup and manage in the dashboard is linked to your website through our widgets. Widgets are basically little pieces of code your designer can add to your website that actually link the C7 dashboard information with your website. This enables your customers  to see and interact with data points such as your products and their account information. The widgets are also what connect the Commerce7 checkout to your website and are what connect all the action that happens on your website back to that central dashboard.

The POS and Reservations systems are also accessed through the central C7 dashboard and will pull in information such as product data and customer information, which is important when creating that seamless experience across your brand.

As you can see, it’s important to get your C7 dashboard setup with accurate and thorough data since it’s the centre for all aspects of Commerce7 functionality. 

When you sign up with Commerce7 we will provide an interactive, onboarding checklist of all the relevant ‘To-Do’s’ to ensure a successful dashboard setup. It’s important all tasks are reviewed thoroughly as these tasks also act as a guide to how the system works. 

In many cases, if you’re an existing business you will need assistance getting all that important data you’ve collected over the years, into your C7 dashboard. 

Although the Commerce7 team doesn't facilitate the migration of customer records, products, club members, and order history, we have a number of partners who do. 

You can find them at or reach out to for a recommendation based on your specific needs.