Creating Promotions in Commerce7

A promotion is a discount that can be applied to a product, collection, or store. You can give all customers access to a promotion, or limit access to specific customer tags, or club levels. When a promotion is applied, all customers who are eligible to receive the promotion, will automatically receive it. They do not have to apply it on their own. 

This documentation also includes How to Setup a Promotion Set

How to Create a Promotion

To create a promotion in Commerce7 - first navigate to store > promotions, then click "add promotion". 


In the "coupon type" field select if you want your promotion to apply to products or shipping. Then create a title for your promotion. This title is not consumer facing. 

Select a discount type. If you're creating a product promotion you can opt to do a percentage off, or dollar off discount type. if you're creating a shipping promotion you can opt to do a percentage off, dollar off, or flat rate discount type. 


Next, you can specify which products or shipping services you'd like your promotion to apply to. 

Product promotions can apply to:

  • The entire store
  • One or more departments
  • One or more collections
  • One or more specific products

Shipping promotions can apply to all shipping services or specific shipping services. 

Note: You cannot have a shipping promotion apply to specific products.

Then, decide who this promotion will be available to. You can make all promotions available to:

  • Everyone
  • Members of one or more specific clubs
  • Members of one or more specific customer tags

Note: Promotions apply across all order channels i.e. POS, inbound and web order. You cannot have a coupon apply to a specific order channel.

Optionally add in cart requirements. These are requirements that must be met in the cart before the discount is triggered. You can create minimum quantity requirements as well as minimum dollar value requirements.  


Optionally add a start and end date for your promotion, enable or disable it in the "status" field, and also set per customer or per store limits (1 per customer, first 500 customers, etc). 

You can also add an action message to a promotion if you like. If a promotion is available to a site visitor, they'll see your action message next to all applicable products. 




How to Setup a Promotion Set

The final feature in promotions is the option to add a promotion to a set. If a customer is eligible for 2 or more promotions/coupons, and said promotions and coupons are not in a set, the customer will receive only the best available promo/coupon. 

If 2 or more promotions/coupons are in the same set, a customer can receive all available promotions/coupons stacked together. 

To create a promotion set, navigate to Promotions > Promotion Sets, then click "Add Promotion Set".

add promotion set

Give your set a title, this title is not customer facing. 


Once your promotion set title saved, it will appear under Promotion Sets in a list with all promotions sets you create. Open the promotion set by selecting the tile from the list. Now you can add the individual coupons and/or promotions to the set.

Use the drop down menu to select from the promotions you have created and then select "Add" for each promotion that you want included in this set.

Use the drop down menu to select from the coupons you have created and then select "Add" to each coupon you want included in this set.

Then click "Save Promotion" at the bottom of the screen.