Creating Coupons

A coupon creates a discount that can be applied to a product, collection, or store. You can give all customers access to a coupon, or limit access to specific customer tags, or club levels.

To receive the discount, a customer must activate a coupon by entering a coupon code in their cart. They must apply the coupon code on their own in order to receive the discount.

Discount types:

  • Coupons: Discounts that need to be applied through the use of a coupon code. 
  • Promotions: Any discounts that you create will apply automatically (without a coupon code) as long as the customer and the order fits the criteria that you set up.
  • Promotion Sets: Allow multiple discounts to be able to apply together in a single order.



Creating a Coupon

Go to Store > Promotions, then click Add Coupon

  • Title: Then create a title for your coupon. This title is not consumer facing. 
  • Code: Create a "code" for your coupon. This will be the code a customer must enter to receive your discount. 
  • Coupon Type: For a coupon that will apply a discount to a product, select Product, if you want the coupon to discount shipping, select Shipping.
  • Status: Choose Enabled or Disabled. You can alternatively add a Start and End Date if there is a specific timeframe that the coupon should be live for.
  • Product Discount Type (if you selected "Product" as the Coupon Type):
    • Percentage Off: Gives a percentage off of the order
    • Dollar Off: Discount the specified dollar discount amount and whether it's once per order or per each item
  • Shipping Discount Type (if you selected "Shipping" as the Coupon Type)
    • Percentage Off: Gives a percentage off of the shipping
    • Dollar Off: Discount a dollar amount off of the shipping cost
    • Flat Rate: Sets the shipping at a flat rate (i.e. $15 shipping)
  • Start Date and End date: You can add a start and end date on the coupon (this is optional).
  • Action Message: If a coupon is applied and has discounted a product's price, when you add an action message, the customer will see it displayed next to the product's price on your store pages.
  • Coupon Applies To:
    • If you're using a Shipping coupon type, you'll need to specify which shipping services it should apply to:
      • All shipping services
      • Specific shipping services
      • If the coupon isn't apply to all shipping services, you'll see a search to select which shipping services it should apply to.
    • If you're using a Product coupon type, you'll need to specify which products you'd like your coupon to apply to.
      • The entire Store
      • One or more Departments
      • One or more Collections
      • One or more specific Products
      • If the coupon isn't applying to your entire store, you'll see a search field to select which products, departments, or collections the coupon should apply to.

  • Coupon Available To: Then, decide who this coupon will be available to. You can make all coupons available to:
    • Everyone
    • Members of one or more specific Clubs
    • Members of one or more specific Customer tags
    • If the coupon isn't available for everyone, then you'll see a search field to select which Clubs or Customer tags should be able to use it.
  • Cart Requirements: These are requirements that must be met in the cart before the discount can be applied
    • None: Applies to all orders with no requirements
    • Minimum Quantity: The customer must have at least x number of products in their cart before the discount will apply
    • Minimum Purchase Amount: The cart subtotal must be at least x before the discount will apply
  • Usage Limit Type:
    • Unlimited
    • Per Customer: Limits the number of times a customer can use
    • Per Store: Limits the number of time this coupon can be used across the entire store
  • Coupon Must Contain One Of (Displays for Shipping coupon type only): 

    • Choose whether the coupon applies only if the cart includes specific products, or are from a specific department, or from a specific collection.

  • Promotion Set: By default, customers can only use one discount at a time. If they apply multiple coupons, the best deal will be applied, but the separate coupons won't stack together. If you want the customer to be able to use multiple discounts together, you need to add them to a Promotion Set in the admin panel. Search to add this coupon to an existing Promotion Set. If you need to create one, learn how to do that here
  • Click Save and you're done!

Note: Coupons apply across all order channels i.e. POS, inbound and web order. You cannot have a promotion apply to a specific order channel.