Creating Coupons

A coupon creates a discount that can be applied to a product, collection, or store. You can give all customers access to a coupon, or limit access to specific customer tags, or club levels.

To receive the discount, a customer must activate a coupon by entering a coupon code in their cart. They must apply the coupon code on their own in order to receive the discount.

Discount types:

  • Coupons: Discounts that need to be applied through the use of a coupon code. 
  • Promotions: Any discounts that you create will apply automatically (without a coupon code) as long as the customer and the order fits the criteria that you set up.
  • Promotion Sets: Allow multiple discounts to be able to apply together in a single order.



Creating a Coupon

  1. Go to Store > Coupons, then click Add Coupon
  2. Add a Title. This title is customer facing if the coupon is applied to the order
  3. Add a Start Date to the promotion. You can optionally add an End Date if the coupon should expire on a specific day. 
    1. Tip: If you're not quite ready for this coupon to go live, make sure that you set the Start Date to a day in the future so that it's not active right when you save it.
  4. Select the type of coupon based on what you want to discount: Product Discount or Shipping Shipping Discount.
  5. Under Customers select who can use this discount.
    1. All Customers: There will be no customer requirements for this discount to apply
    2. Specific Clubs: Only customers who are members in specific club(s)
    3. Specific Tags: Only customers who have been tagged with a specific customer tag(s)
      1. Tags can be created by you under Settings > Tags > Customers. You can create Manual tags to manually group customers (like employees) OR you can set up Dynamic tags that apply to customers automatically based on a series of conditions such as lifetime value or number of orders.
  6. The Discount section will update dependant on if it's a product or shipping discount 
  7. Product Discount settings
    1. Select the Discount Type
        1. Percentage Off: Gives a percentage off of the order
        2. Dollar Off: Discount the specified dollar discount amount and pick whether it should discount the entire order once or per each applicable item.
      1. Under Products select which products should receive the discount. You can select which products should receive the discount and also have the option to exclude specific products as well.
        1. Applies To 
          1. Store: All products in the store
          2. Specific Collections: Search and add certain Collections to be discounted. (Remember, to target the promotion properly, you can create custom Collections specifically to group products for discounting. You can either use Manual Collections to manually group products OR you can use Dynamic Collections to group products automatically based on a series of attributes.) 
          3. Specific Departments
          4. Specific Products
        2. Excluded Products: You can optionally specify products that will be excluded from your promotion. This can be set based on collection, department, or individual products. Excluded products will not receive the discount even if they are included in the setting above.
        3. Action Message: You can also add an action message to a coupon. If a coupon has been applied and is available to a visitor on your website, they'll see your action message next to all applicable products. Example:

          Admin Setting:

          Website Display:
  8. Shipping Discount settings
    1. Discount Type
      1. Free Shipping
      2. Percentage Off
      3. Dollar Off
      4. Flat Rate
    2. Under Shipping select which shipping services should be discounted.
      1. Applies To
        1. All Shipping Services
        2. Specific Shipping Services
      2. Action Message: You can also add an action message to a coupon. If a promotion is available to a visitor on your website, they'll see your action message next to all applicable shipping services during checkout.
  9. Requirements: Add any requirements that the cart must meet before the discount is triggered and applied. You can create minimum or maximum quantity limits, minimum or maximum purchase amounts, or leave the cart requirements as none.
    1. If this is a Shipping discount, you'll also see the following setting:
      1. Select Must purchase specific products to qualify if the customer must have a specific product, collection, or department in their cart.
      2. Note: The promotion will apply once the customer has one of these products in their cart. If they are purchasing from other departments, collections, or products in addition, the discount will not be removed. 
  10. On the right hand side of the page, you can choose to include the coupon in a Promotion Set to allow it to stack with other discounts or you can also set usage limits for customers
    1. Discount Stacking
      1. By default, customers can only use one discount at a time. If they apply multiple coupons, the best deal will be applied, but the separate coupons won't stack together. If you want the customer to be able to use multiple discounts together, you need to add them to a Promotion Set in the admin panel. Search to add this coupon to an existing Promotion Set. If you need to create one, learn how to do that here
    2. Limit Usage
      1. No Limit
      2. Per Customer: Limits the number of orders a customer can use the discount
      3. Per Store: Limits the number of time this coupon can be used across the entire store
  11. Click Save Coupon

    Note: Coupons apply across all order channels i.e. POS, inbound and web order. You cannot have a promotion apply to a specific order channel.