What Is The Difference Between Traditional Clubs and Subscription Clubs?

Subscriptions clubs are growing in popularity, they create a personalized customer experience which creates a loyal customer. The modern customer today doesn't want to spend their time shopping, researching brands and reading descriptions to find products they will love, so once they find one they stick with it.

Subscription clubs create a personalized experience that help the customer buy what they want as well as purchase other products they will love. Subscription clubs give your customer the right amount of control to stay loyal. 

Starting a subscription club can seem like a big task, but Commerce7 makes it quite simple. It's actually not far off from setting up a traditional club package, and it will be worth your time to make your customers happy and keep them loyal.

The table below highlights the main differences between Subscription Clubs and Traditional Clubs in Commerce7. 

Subscription Club Traditional Club
Club member controls the frequency of shipments (based on specified options set by an Admin). Admin control frequency of shipments.

Admin creates a pool of products, and sets defaults and minimums on the products. The system builds the shipments based on the member's preferences.

Admin creates the club packages and sets defaults and minimums on products. 

Member shipments will vary based on the member's preferences, creating a personalized experience.

All club shipments are the same. 

Club members can always adjust their club and add products to their shipment. Admin has the option to allow club members to adjust and add products to their shipment.
The shipment process date is set based off the club members sign up date.

Admin sets the shipment process date for the club package and all club members are processed on the same day. 

Automatic Club Emails to notify club members of an upcoming club shipment and declined payment.  Optional Club Emails to notify club members of upcoming shipment and declined payment.