Creating Clubs in Commerce7

Before you begin making clubs in Commerce7 - it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of our terminology. This article may be useful when first familiarizing yourself with Commerce7's club tools. 


 To make a club, navigate to club > clubs in the admin panel, then click "Add Club".


Add a title for your new club. This title will be customer facing. You can also add a description for your club. Don't worry too much about the formatting here - the design of this title and description can be adjusted in the CSS on your front end website. 


Within the club creation screen, you'll see options for having your club "visible", "hidden", or "Publish in future on specific date". 

  • If you select "visible", a URL will be created where your club sign-up lives, consumers will be able to navigate to this URL and sign up for your club. 
  • If you select "hidden", your club will not be live on any URL and consumers will not be able to sign up for your club. 
  • If you select "Publish in future on specific date", your club will be hidden until your selected date and time. On your selected date and time the club will become visible. 

Next, you can add content to the Email Instructions that will be included in the automatic Club Signup Confirmation transactional email. This allows you to have different email confirmation message for each club you create. 

For more information on how to edit transactional emails take a look at our documentation on Setting Up Transactional Emails. 


You'll also see the URL where your club will live.

Click the "edit" button here to adjust the URL (the slug), and to adjust the meta tag title and description. You can leave the meta tag title and description as is, or optionally change it for better SEO. 


When you're finished, save your club. Copy and paste the club's URL to see what it looks like on the front end. 



Don't worry if no products appear in your club on the front end - this will come once you create your first package. 


Something important to note: before going live you should have your designer create a "path" to this front end URL so that a customer can find your club. For example, a signup button or link site visitors can click to be taken to your new club page.