Creating a Campaign

Steps to create a new campaign with links to in-depth articles on editing specific templates, previewing and sending campaigns.



Creating a new campaign

  1. To create a new campaign, click on Marketing > Campaigns. Then click Add Campaign.

  2. Next, select from one of the four pre-built campaign templates or choose a blank template (The blank template will allow you to build an email from scratch by adding from available content blocks).

    The pre-built templates are professionally designed to ensure your emails are clean, clear and consistent with your brand.

    The following are the available email templates you can choose from. Click the links below for instructions on how to edit each template.

    Welcome: send a message to your customers letting them know that you have switched systems, with instructions on how they can login to access their new account in Commerce7. For details on how to setup the Welcome email, click here.

    Product Launch: announce a new product to your customers. You can include product images, price and discounts. For details on how to setup the Product Launch email, click here. 

    Sale: notify your customers about an upcoming or current sale. You can include product images, product details and an add to cart button with a customizable link. All customers will receive an email with their discounted pricing. For details on how to setup the Sale email, click here

    Shop Now: quick and clear message to invite customers to shop online, with a shop now button with a customizable link. For details on how to setup the Shop Now email, click here. 

    Blank: build an email from scratch by adding from available content blocks. For details on how to setup the Blank email, click here. 

  3. Once you've selected a campaign template, you'll get a series of fields and blocks to edit.
  4. Depending on which template you've chosen, you can see specific instructions listed with each option above, or if you want general information on how to edit each type of available content block, click here.

In the "To" field you will have the option of selecting a customer tag. If you do not see the tag you have created please double check what kind of tag it is as only "Customer Tag" will populate in this field.


Previewing a campaign before sending  

  1. Once you have edited your email template, click Review to preview your email and send a test.
  2. Select Preview Full Email to view what your email will look like.


Testing a campaign before sending

Sending a test is required prior to sending the email to your full customer list. We highly recommend reviewing your test email thoroughly including, testing links and reviewing content. 

  1. To send a test email, make sure you are on the review screen up the campaign setup.
  2. Next, select Send Test Email at the top of the page or click the Send Test button.
  3. Add the email address you want to receive the test email. Select Add Email to include more recipients for the test email.  

    Commerce7-Review-Welcome (1)
  4. If you have reviewed your test email and want to make edits, click Edit or Add to return to the editing step
  5. Make your changes and then click Review to access the preview and test options again.

    Commerce7-Review-Welcome (3)

Sending a campaign email 

Once you have sent a test email you now have the options to Send Now or Schedule 

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Sending immediately

Click Send Now to send your email right away.

Emails are sent in batches. We recommend reviewing our documentation on sending a campaign (campaign batching) for information on batching.

To cancel a batch from sending, click Cancel.

Scheduling for later

  1. Click Schedule to send your email at a later date.
  2. When you click Schedule a window will pop up to enter the Send Date and the Send Time.
  3. Enter in the date and time you want the email to send click Schedule.

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  4. The scheduled date and time will be displayed on the review page of the campaign email.
  5. To adjust or change the scheduled date and time click Schedule again and the window will pop up to enter a new date and time. Click Schedule to save.

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Campaign status

  • Campaigns that are in the process of sending will have a Processing status.
  • Once completed, the campaign email will have an Executed status.
  • Once your campaign email has been sent you can review the stats and campaign details. We recommend reviewing our documentation on Reviewing campaign email stats (LINK) for detailed review of campaign email stats and their definitions. 
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