Connecting your Poynt5 Terminals with Commerce7.


Note: You must have CardConnect configured prior to setting up and connecting your Poynt terminals.

Step 1: Enabling Your Devices

Once your terminals are received, you must first connect your devices to Wifi and enable them to start processing payments. Here is how;

  1. Power on the Poynt Smart Terminal and connect it to power via the charging plug or the docking station. 
  2. Follow the instructions onscreen to connect to secure Wi-Fi.
  3. Once on Wi-Fi, login with the default terminal user name and PIN (should be last 4 digits of business phone number on file).
  4. Go to the home screen and select the Terminal app to process a test transaction for $1.00 to activate.
  5. After it's successful, you will refund the test transaction by going back to the Terminal app. Selecting the transaction and clicking Refund.
  6. Contact once this is completed and we'll send you your Device ID and we'll disable the Terminal Settlement apps so that you can only process from the C7 POS to avoid confusion to your staff.

Step 2: Connecting Your urn:tid /Device Key To Your POS Profile

When you have connected your device(s) to Wi-Fi you are ready to add your urn:tid/device key to Commerce7. 

  1. First you have to connect your Poynt EMV Terminal in your C7 Your Settings. To do this Navigate to Settings > General and click 'Connect Poynt EMV Terminal' under the Payment section. This will prompt you to login to your Poynt account.


2. Once logged into your Poynt account, you will be prompted to select a merchant to authorize application access. You should see your business name listed. Click on your business name.

3. Contact to obtain your urn:tid /device key(s).

4. Navigate to Settings > POS Profile in Commerce7.

5. Click on the POS Profile you want to add your urn:tid /device key(s) to.

6. Add your urn:tid /device key in the field called 'Device Key' and give your device a name in the field called 'Title.' You can have multiple urn:tid /device keys for a profile depending on your tasting room setup (i.e. multiple ipads with multiple Poynt devices).

Note: If using multiple devices for one profile, we highly recommend choosing a name for each device that is easily identifiable. Example: Using a colour as a name and then physically putting a piece of coloured tape on the terminal to match the device name will help make identifying each device easier.

7. You can now use the printer on the Poynt terminal to print receipts.  The Poynt terminal only prints a summary (not item detail). Enable this setting in the POS Profile next to where you add the urn:tid/device key and Device Name in the filed called "Has Printer." 

8. Click Save

9. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each profile as necessary.

For card on file or manual card entry into Commerce7 it is Commerce7 that prompts for tips (whatever is setup in POS Profile).

For transactions processed on the Poynt Smart Terminals it is the settings in that controls the prompting of tips.


Did your Poynt terminal fall asleep?

To reconnect the Poynt 5 device to the cloud, ensure the WiFi bars show your connected and double tap the time, you will see a message "Resetting Cloud Messaging connection".  Once you've done this you should be able to resend the transaction and have it show up on the device.

Did your Poynt terminal disconnect from WiFi completely?

Simply swipe down twice, click WiFi and choose the WiFi to connect to.