Commerce7 Live - 2022

At this year’s event, we announced the latest updates to Commerce7. You can access our replay here:  Here’s what was unveiled.


POS Version 2

Club Tools

  • Sign a customer up for a club while placing an order in the POS. Learn more
  • Process an upcoming shipment for an existing member. Learn more
  • See what customers are members right from their tab


  • Quick Pay feature to expedite the payment process, defaulting to the most likely payment type based on the customer  (* EMV option with C7 Payments only) Learn more
  • Automatically save a customer's card to file when paying by EMV (* C7 Payments only)
  • See the calculated dollar amount for tip percentages


  • POS Smart Notices that allow you to conditionally display staff messages based on customer and order attributes. Learn more
  • New smart flags for customer birthday, club anniversary, and when payment declines on a club shipment
  • Colour coded notifications based on priority

Printing (coming soon)

  • Rebuilt printing connection for faster print speeds
  • Print a receipt before payment is taken with the option to display a tip line


  • View, transfer, and adjust inventory directly from the point of sale. Learn more

Better Overall Workflows

  • Quicker email collection through a combined confirmation window. Email a receipt, print a receipt, or view the completed order all from the same window. 
  • Go back to a customer's open cart from on click while viewing their contact record, club membership, or order history
  • Reduced steps to ship an order
  • Guest tabs can be renamed after they have been created
  • Entering a Zip or Postal Code will automatically fill in the customer's City and State (coming soon)
  • Address fields used less frequently are collapsed by default so that it's easier to complete required information (coming soon)
  • Coupons can be added directly from the main screen



Dark Mode

  • Use the Commerce7 Admin, POS, or Reservations in dark or light mode. The mode will automatically default based on your computer settings, but can be changed at any time.



  • POS
    • Create and select modifiers for food items
    • Kitchen ticket printing and item notes
    • Allow customers to pay on their phone through a QR code
    • Customer ordering through QR codes
  • Reservations
    • Rebuilding of the reservations app to include improved workflows to add walk-up reservations and more
    • More seamless integration with the POS
  • Admin
    • Continually working to add general enhancements and improvements