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Creating & Processing Club Packages

Whether you're using a set items club model or keeping it modern with a user choice club, our traditional club processing tools allow you to setup and batch process clubs quickly and with ease!

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Creating a Wine Club Package

  1. Navigate to Clubs > Packages in the admin panel
  2. Then click Add Club Package

  3. Initially, your package will be set to "Planning" mode. This is to give you time to set up and configure your package. Members won't see it on your website and no shipments in the package can be processed until it is make "Active". (We'll go over this more below when setup is complete.)

Step 1: Configure

  1. Give your club package a Title. This title is internal facing and will not be seen by members.


  2. Next, select the Club for which this package will belong. All members of this club will be added to the package.
  3. Select an Auto Process Date for your package. This is the date that your club will automatically process club shipments for each of your members. (Learn more about auto-processing here.)
  4. Optionally, you can select Allow Customers To Ship Early, which will give members the option to click the "Ship Now" button on the front end.

    ship it now

    Clicking that button will process and create their club order immediately, rather than respecting any requested ship date on the Club Package/Shipment. Additionally, if a member ships early, you will receive the new order notification
    (Note: Memberships set to "Pick up" will not see the option to ship early.) 
  5. To delay the ship date for all of the orders in your club package, click Set a Requested Ship Date
    1. Enter the date you wish for your orders to be shipped.

    2. Note: If you have an individual club member who already has a requested ship date, that will override the general requested ship date that you set here.
  6. Under Item Selections, decide if you're going to have a User Choice or a Set Items package.
    1. User Choice: You can set a default club package, but members have the option to swap or add additional bottles. They'll only be able to select products that you specify and will be confined to package minimums that you set (such as a minimum bottle requirement.)

      ⭐️ Based on the data we've seen, we would strongly recommend going with a user choice package. Our clients who offer user choice packages see an increase in average club package size and dollar value. ⭐️ 

    2. Set Items: Users are not able to edit the items in their club packages online
  7. If you've selected User Choice, you will see two additional settings:
    1. Minimum # of Products: The number of products that customers must end with if they edit their shipment. The default is set to 1. 
    2. Minimum Order Value: The minimum dollar value that customers must end with if they edit their shipment. If you prefer to base it on dollar value, you can allow customers to end with any number of products as long as they've purchasing a certain values worth.

      This is calculated before any promotions or discounts are applied, which is why it can sometimes appear that the total is less than your minimum order value.
    3. If you set BOTH a minimum order value, and minimum $ spend, the customer will have to satisfy both requirements before they are able to purchase. 
  8. Decide if there are any Coupons that you want to apply. (Any club promotions will automatically apply and do not need to be added manually, bu, but you can manually apply a coupon to the club package.) You'll see coupons and promotions when you click into each member's individual club package. 

    Note: If a club member is a member of more than one club and qualify for more than one discount or coupon, the best discount will apply to their club package. 

    Commerce7 - 2020-12-09T130418.766
  9. Click Save Club Package to continue to the next step.


Step 2: Items

This is where you add your products to your club shipment. You can search through your products by product title to add a given product to your offering.

Important: You will not be able to change a product SKU after it has been added to the club package.

  1. Search for a product and and enter the Default Quantity, Min, and Max (if applicable)
    1. Default Quantity: Adding a default quantity will include the product in the shipment by default. If a club member does not edit their user choice package, they will automatically receive this quantity. If you just want the problem to be an optional item that they can add, but not included in the shipment by default, set this to 0.
    2. Minimum: The minimum quantity (if any) that you require your members to take.
    3. Maximum: The maximum quantity that you allow your members to take (consider supply and demand when choosing this number).

  2. You can adjust the Display Order of your Items by dragging the items up or down to your desired order.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Note: If you have promotions setup to manage product discounts they will not appear here. They will appear in the "Members" tab if you click into an individual shipment.


Step 3: Members

Members for your club are automatically added to a package right until the auto-process date. If you have a new club member after package is created, you will see an option to manually add member to current package. (You will also be able to do this after the auto-process date has passed.)
For each member:
  • Click on the row to see a preview of their club shipment or edit their products or delivery information. If you have promotions or coupons applied to the club shipment, you'll also see them on this page.
  • Click Skip to skip shipment on member's behalf. (If their shipment has already been skipped either by an admin or online, that'll be reflected here and you'll see the option to "Unskip" instead up until the package is processed.) Skipped shipments will not be processed on the auto-process date.
  • Click Process to process a club shipment for a member early. This will charge and create the club order right away.

Please be aware that you may see cancelled memberships in package. This occurs if a membership is cancelled after package is created. There maybe scenarios where you see double memberships for same customer (cancelled and active), we recommend to view customers profile > club memberships to get a better view of what has occurred in their membership.


Step 4: Inventory

You will see an inventory page showing you the inventory required for the products in your package which helps with better inventory forecasting. Inventory is not help for member shipments, so this tab allow you to see where your inventory is at and if you will have enough to process all of your club orders. 

  • Required Quantity: Current quantity of products needed for this club package.
  • Available for Sale: Current overall inventory that is available for sale for that product.
  • Include Skipped Packages: If this is checked off, inventory for all skipped packages will be included.
  • Include Completed Packages: If this is checked off, inventory for all completed packages will be included.

If you have a Bundle(s) as an item in your club package, the "Required Qty" and "Available for Sale" counts will be 0 since it's based on the inventory count of the items within the Bundle. We recommend keeping an eye out on the lowest inventory item within the Bundle.


Setting your Package from Planning Mode to Active

Once you have finished setting up your club package, you can change your package status from "Planning" to "Active". This will allow you to make edits to individual member packages (including items, shipping, etc.) and allow you to process members individually and in bulk. It will also allow  club members to view their club package online and make edits (if the package is set to "User Can Choose").

  1. At the top right of the screen, click the yellow Planning button
  2. Here, you can see the different statuses. Options include "Planning", "Active", and "Archived". Here is a bit more detail about the 3 statuses: 
    1. Planning: A package in the planning stage can be configured and edited by a Commerce7 admin, but cannot be seen on your front end site by customers.
      Note: Packages cannot be processed for an individual member or in bulk while it's in the planning stage. You also cannot edit a member's package (shipping or items) while in Planning.
    2. Active: A package in the active status can be seen on your frontend site and can be interacted with by customers. Admins will be able to make edits to individual member's packages, process the club package in bulk, or for a single member.
      Note: You cannot switch a package from Active back to Planning.
    3. Archived: A package with an archived status will be removed from your frontend site, and customers will no longer be able to interact with it. It is encouraged to archive a package within a month of processing.
      Note: Packages that have been archived, will not auto-process.
  3. If you're done with setup, click Make Package Active. Once a package is switched to Active you cannot go back to Planning.

  4. A modal with pop-up confirming that you want to make the package active. 

  5. Click Make Package Active to proceed.

Now that your package is Active, you can edit the automated club emails that go out and you can also edit individual member's packages (items, shipping methods, etc).

Learn more about automated club emails here.

When a package is duplicated, the duplicated package will include all new updates i.e. club pricing with promotions and coupons, auto processing and club emails. 

If you duplicate a package that has an auto process date in the past you will not be able to change the auto process date. We recommend duplicating your packages in the planning status or in the active stage before the auto process date. 


      Processing your Club Package

      All members in a club package will be automatically processed on the Auto Process Date added to Step 1. Only members who haven't been processed, have active memberships (not on hold), and have not skipped their package will be included.

      If you choose to, you can manually process members before that date is passed, both individually, or in bulk. 


      Members will be processed at 12:00 a.m. local winery time. For example, If you set an "Auto Process Date" of May 1, 2020, the package will automatically process all unprocessed members at 12:00 a.m. on May 1, 2020. 

      Both club members and admins can make edits to a club package until 11:59 pm the day before the auto process date. (In the example, this would be until 11:59pm on April 30, 2020.)

      Learn more about club auto-processing here.

      Manually Processing Members

      1. If you want to manually process members before the auto-process date, click on the Members step of your club package.
      2. Before processing, you can choose if you want to filter down your list to only process a specific group of members. Click "More Filters" to see the available options. (This is what you would use if you wanted to process Ship or Pickup members separately.)
      3. When you're ready, click More ActionsProcess

      4. A modal will open where you can see how many members will be processed. If you've filtered down or searched in your list of members, you can choose if you want to only Process Current Search or Process All Club Member Shipments. (This will not include members who have skipped the package or those who have already been processed.)

      5. Click the Process Club Member Shipments button. This will turn all of the selected club packages into completed orders and charge each member's card. 
      6. If a member's club shipment has an issue and couldn't be processed you'll see an error message displayed in the member list.

      Learn more about handling credit card declines here.



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