Closing Report Details

Closing report is used for end of day reporting with one date selected. Below you have the information that can be provided in report. Breakdown includes Sales Overview, Tender Details, Club Signups and Reservations .

Closing report also allows filtering by Fulfillment Status, Channel, Order Delivery and Pos Profile.

Closing Report Filters


  • Number of Orders
  • Number of Refunds

Sales Overview

  • Net Sales
  • Shipping Total
  • Duties Total
  • Bottle Deposit Total
  • Total Sales
  • Tips Total
  • Total Revenue

Sales By Channel

  • POS
  • Web
  • Inbound

Tender Details

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Cash

Sales By Department

Department is a label you can put on your products. Click here for more information.

Sales By POS Profile

POS Profiles are used to segment and track sales and inventory by each location. Click here for more information. 

Server Tip Out

Displays sales associate name and total amount of tip they received.

Sales By Sku

Displays name, sku, quantity and net sales for the day.

Club Signups

Displays name of customer and club they signed up to

Club Cancellations

Displays name of customer and club they cancelled.


Displays the name of experience and total of booking per experience.