Closing Out the POS & Clearing Open Carts


To avoid the issues of having waiting tenders or incomplete carts, the system now automatically checks all waiting tenders on a schedule every 15 minutes. 

On the Poynt Device, if an employee or the new automatic process checks a tender and it has no response after 15 minutes we record that tender as cancelled. This will avoid waiting tenders if a payment is sent to the Poynt device that was not on or the battery died after sending the transaction. 

USAePay and WindCave will return cancelled transactions after 5 minutes of inactivity, this has not changed. 

If the automatic process completes one of your waiting tenders and you or your employees click on one of the "red cart" to complete it, you will see a system message advising that the cart was completed automatically. If the tender is cancelled they will see the cancelled tender. 


Follow the steps below to clear out open carts from your POS. If you come across any carts under Store > Carts that can't be deleted or have issues, this information will also help you.

Step 1: Click on any open carts showing at the top of the screen and follow step 2 to cancel or complete them.

Commerce7 (17)
Also, you will want to click the green plus and click "From Another POS" to check if any carts are left open from any other POS systems. If there are carts on any other POS transfer them and follow step 2 to cancel or complete them.

Commerce7 (18)

Commerce7 (19)

If you have a cart with issues or are trying to clear an open cart from your Admin Panel > Store > Carts, you will need to open the cart on your POS. Here's how;

Open the cart and copy the cart ID from the URL. Your cart ID is the string of alphanumeric characters following the /cart/ in the URL.


Next open your POS and start a new guest tab. 

In the URL of the new guest tab, paste the cart ID you have copied to replace the string of alphanumeric characters after the /pos/ in the URL.


This URL:

Becomes This URL (notice the cart id in bold):

Now, follow step 2 to cancel/complete these carts.

Note: if you are using POS Pins, follow the above steps and then add /charge at the end of the URL after you have pasted the cart id. 

Step 2: Cancelling or Completing a Cart With a Waiting Tender

With the cart open, click the cancel order button. If there is no tender waiting the cart is cancelled and there is nothing more to do.

Commerce7 (22)

If there is a tender waiting you will get the message "Error from server: Cart has a tender that is Waiting and can't be deleted", then click the Charge Order button and proceed to the next step.


Commerce7 (23)

After clicking Charge Order you should see the screen below, click the 'Having Trouble' > 'Check Response At Poynt' (or other gateway) button and this should complete the order.

If it doesn't for any reason, you can click 'Resend to Poynt', cancel the payment on the terminal and click Check Response At Poynt.