Can I bulk print receipts/packing slips?

You are now able to print multiple receipts at once, with our Bulk Action tools.

Step 1. In order to print a set of receipts in Commerce7, you should navigate to Store > Orders 

Step 2. To select a subset of orders to print receipts or packing slips, you are able to filter by Fulfillment Status, Order Paid Date, Order Delivery, Channel, Order Fulfilled Date, Orders with Tag, Orders with POS Profiles. 

Step 3. Once you have filtered the set of data you wish to populate, select "Actions" on the Order screen. 

Step 4. Select the action you wish to take for the subset of orders. 


Once Step 4 is completed, you will be prompted to confirm the action, and then you will have your printed receipts, packing slips, or tagged orders.