Assessing & Working With Apps

Our pre-built Apps cover a large range of functionality. From shipping and order management, to marketing and analytics. 

When you look at the Apps section of Commerce7, you will see that each App has a brief description of that App's functionality as well as the price and who built it. Before scanning through the descriptions, you can think of what functionality need you are trying to cover, as well as what your budget is for filling that need.

Once you find an App that might work for you, click into the App for a more in depth description, including a link to additional documentation. When you click into the App, you will also find the contact details for the third-party-developer that built the App.

We recommend reaching out to the developers directly to review your needs and to see if the App is a right fit for you.

If you don't find a pre-built App that fills your need, you can also work with a developer to create a custom App or integration through Commerce7 API's. Contact one of our partner developers to get started!

Note: If you have issues with an App that's already installed, you can reach out to the App developer directly. This information will be on the App card in Commerce7.